Square wave

Just got additional training on the squarewave. I understand what the educator was telling me but still somewhat confused. I peak after my meals. I’m thinking about using squarewave at all times for meals. Duration of the wave don’t seem to make a difference. Been experimenting for a week. Any one?
Thanks, Sid

Thanks for the reply. I read the book you mentioned before I got the pump. My educator suggested a book Think Lika A Pancreas. What do you think? Are they about the same? It takes awhile to get one from the library.

Thanks. What the heck, I’ll get both from the library.

Good looking bull mastiff : I wonder if delivering insulin BEFORE you eat may help you …try 15 min . to start , then increase to 30 minutes. Keep on finger poken. I use square wave delivery for instance with my pasta meal , dark chocolate treat and icecream treat .

Sonny is a very good dog. My son has him well trained and is very laid back. A bit stubborn at times and quite storic. Taking insulin well before meals is quite hard for me. Pizza is easier because I usually eat four slices and able to anticipate. I carb count. How wide is your square wave, one hour, two hours? When do you use dual? This squrewave is a bit more than I want to chew. This will take some time. Thanks for replying. Sid

I usually set my square part to 1 1/2 hours, sometimes 2 hours.
But I have slow digestion, everyone is different. How is your
digestion quick or slow ? This is the best feature for me on having
a pump. The inventor of this feature probably had people with, Gastroparesis,
in mind when he came up with the Square Bolus.

Thanks Ray,
I will consider all information given.

A couple of years ago, my Medtronic rep (also T1, along with her son!), recommended using the dual-wave bolus for all usual mixed meals and to use the square bolus for those types of events where you’re grazing all evening. She called the normal bolus the “Skittles” bolus, something to use when you’re having straight sugar snack.

I’ve been using the dual wave ever since. It’s worked fine for me, but with diabetes, it’s always an individual thing.

The key word is THE CORRECT CARB COUNT. The count seems to throw me off the most. Oh well, just have to keep plugging along and keep learning.

Pasta square wave .:1 1/2 hour ( 55 g of carb …1 x8 ounce ladle )
Home fried potatoes : 1 hour ( 50 g of carbs , eyeball )
dark chocolate : 1 1/2 hour …( 23 g. of carbs , eyeball )
vanilla icecream : 2 hours …( 20 g of carbs…a bit over 1/2 cup ) …have not mastered pizza and chinese foods …I leave them alone , except if I were to go to Italy ( dreaming now ) …pizza every day …their crust is thin and not much fat used .
Yes, regardless of the delivery timing …knowing the amount of carbs is the BIG secret.
I now deliver my breakfast insulin AFTER I have eaten … my sensor reports showed , that I would go LO about close to one hour after the meal and I would follow the meal with my morning walk …since the change fewer lows I have to catch .

Well, like I said, it’s always an individual thing - there are so many variables with diabetes :slight_smile: If I were to take a normal bolus prior to my meal, I’d end up with a low, followed by highs.

Maureen, I heard others that had good results doing this as well. I, like Dave, need to wait to eat after taking my insulin… so I found that always using square waves caused post meal highs, unless I waited more than half an hour after starting the bolus to eat.