Standup Comedy versus Diabetes

Last night before doing standup comedy my blood sugar went down to 80mcg.

For the past week my blood sugars have been nuts — up and down, up and down. I believe that the reason for such fluctuations was that I stopped exercise walking. As soon as I started up again yesterday I saw immediate effects. They fell into normal ranges.

My Dexcom helped a lot by showing me the reading of 80 mcg. This was not a convenient time or place to test. My friend Joy said, “isn’t that kind of low?” She was right and I took action. My mental calculator started ticking. I knew that it would be another 10-15 minutes before I got on and off stage ( a 5 minute set). I took two glucose tabs, washed them down with some club soda and ordered a piece of plain cheesecake. Not the best choice for a diabetic but this place has “bar food,” lots of fried stuff which my system can’t tolerate. So I went for plain cheesecake without the raspberry sauce. I had a few fork fulls prior to my set and made it through okay.

I often wonder if I get to the point when I am performing for more than 10 minutes, how will I control my sugars? My rule of thumb: test first, then act on it. If my blood sugars are too high, bolus some insulin (or give yourself an injection) with maybe 1/2 or 3/4 the dose–that is if you’re performing. If blood sugars are too low, eat something with carbs or drink a sweetened cola- not diet. Don’t overdo it. Then get up there on stage and have a blast! Be sure to test right after the performance.

Next week — diabetes jokes on stage– stay tuned.

Think of all the material you have to work with, gosh even to get up on stage you've to go through an awful rigmarole. Look forward to the jokes.

Sorry haven't checked in for awhile. Thanks. I appreciate your interest. Just started doing some diabetes jokes in November. It feels good to talk about it because as you know, it's 24/7, right?