Sense of Humor

I hope my sense of humor doesn’t offend non-diabetic friends, family, and coworkers. For me, that is how I operate in live. If I can’t make a joke out of something, then it’s not worth looking at. My goal for my blog is to write about the “humorous” things that happen to me, as a diabetic.

Since I was diagnosed in October I’ve been lucky. I’ve only had a few high blood sugars. I think I may watch it too closely. There are times where I think I watch the Carbs too much and I get too low.

In the beginning I told my friends my signals of a low. I notice I can’t form a statement or question when I’m low. I saw a lot more “Uhhhh, what was I saying?” I get distracted. Honestly, it starts to feel like I’ve had a little too much to drink!

My friend Kim is amazing. I talk to her nightly, about the times my lows seem to hit. Even when I’m not low, and I lose track of what I was saying. She’ll laugh with me and say, “Jody, do you need to have a carb choice right now?” She’s learned the lingo, and jokes back with me. I need that!

When I’m teaching, if I feel myself go low, I go for the butterscotch candy. I need very few to get me back to normal, they can be discreetly chomped on, and they are easily carried in a pocket. Damian calls me “Miss Scotch” if I’m with him and I’m eathing the butterscotch candy. But has anyone else every noticed how difficult it is to open things when you’re in a low.

This is where I may have offended some of my non diabetic friends. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall to see myself in low. Even while in a low I’m aware of how frustrated I get trying to open up the butterscotch candy, or any package for that matter. In a non-low, I’m clumsy, and this becomes a stronger trait when I am low. To me my frustration and my added clumsiness makes me laugh. I could do a comic routine about it.

I am a fellow “drunken” low…i get silly when drunk, I hear no diff during a low…and the first signs obvious to others (not me) is the slurring of the words…

hey, I’m right there with you on the sense of humor thing… sometimes I think it’s because I don’t really know how to respond/react to some things in life, but I just really love to laugh. And there are a lot of things I come across that make me want to cry, so I just try to find the humor!

Love your dog pics (and what a cute little boy!!)