Start Libre Sensor before insertion

To lessen idiotic 12 hour warm up - even if by only 2 or 3 hours

Of course you lose the other sensor but there are times it would not matter much - or just use glimp to read it.

I thought the Libre was changed to a one hour warm-up?

They are not giving those out yet - at least not to me

I called Abbott when the announcement was made and they were clueless as to when they would be available

Approved and the doing of it are two different things

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I’m in Canada and just got a new Libre reader/sensor last week for the first time. The instructions said it was a 1 hour warm up and wouldn’t let me scan for that first hour, but it scanned after that.

The readings were way low for the first 12-24 hours (1.0 - 1.5 mmol/L or 18-27 mg/dl lower than my Contour Next). Since then it still seems pretty low - from 0.5 to 1.0 mmol/L (9-18 mg/dl).

I just started tracking the differences today using a 15 minute lag for the Libre (scan Libre then fingertip test 15 minutes later). I’ll have some better data in a few days I think.

Edit: No wait - I do the fingertip test first and then the Libre scan 15 minutes later…

The sensors can be way off or very accurate

even if they are off - they can be a big help if the error is consistent

in other words what does it matter if it is 30 points high every time

they are very accurate for my wife at the low end and in the very late evening go 50 high - but I don’t care - just subtract 50

they really don’t save hardly any finger sticks but are still are big help

really would not want to do without it

The USA has/had a 12 hour warmup because the FDA enjoys making life as miserable as possible for as many as possible

they just delighted in overriding Europe’s one hour just to prove they could do it. No other valid reason

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Yes, it’s interesting to see what’s happening overnight or after meals when I usually wouldn’t test.

And seeing the trend is quite useful. It’s very helpful to know which way the wind is blowing before I eat/exercise/go to bed.

I’m on Day 5 of my first sensor, so I’m just getting to understand the quirks/variance between the Libre and my traditional bg meter.

My wife is the type 1

Some sensors may run really nice and some all over the place - in the beginning I made a spread sheet trying to average the contour next / abbott reader / and the android playstor app glimp. I also had liapp (another android app) I put a considerable amount of time with averages and fudge factors based on the last readings. The goal was to predict the next reading based on only the reader and not have to do a fingerstick. It did not work out.

Liapp was a total waste
glimp sometimes is accurate but mostly undependable

I think placement of the sensor has a lot to do with it

yes, I know they go on back of the arm - but that is still a big area with fatty and not so fatty areas - so experiment with that.

She could get a dex which is more accurate, but I am sick to death of screwing with transmitters after using medtonic cgm which I belive was the biggest hoax in medical history - bar none.

I am hoping eversense gets approved by medicare in the USA

People are beginning to purchase the new sensors which warm up in a hour. Have not looked yet but supposedly there is an online offer for the new reader. Also need a new prescription for the new sensors.

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To help ease eligible FreeStyle Libre system users move to the new
FreeStyle Libre 14 day system, we are offering a free* reader with a new prescription.
Please fill out the information below to see if you qualify.

Filled out form to be notified by email about the 14 day - never got a thing - not surprised -

For some reason they went to offering the free reader on their web site. The Facebook group mentioned the Email offer, but next thing we knew, the offer was up online. I printed the coupon and am waiting for my CDE to send over the new RX. I’m due for a refill in nine days, so hoping the new sensors and reader will be available.

So I provided all the info online and this is what I get

Please contact your mail order or Durable Medical Equipment supplier to discuss your eligibility for a free FreeStyle Libre 14 day reader.

Why provide all the info

Abbott is getting on my last nerve

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I filled out this form and instantly got a voucher with a BIN number on it etc…

Did you go here

I just called them about a different question and they asked if I had a meter already and then offered to send a voucher for a free new meter.

The link I posted…I scrolled down, filled out the form (you need the serial number) and got an instant voucher and another one in my Email…

I put the serial number in and got the message to call the mail order folks

Hmm, I don’t know. I initially sent the info through the program (for the 10 day sensors) to my Kroger pharmacy and I have health exchange HMO plan. Perhaps it has to do with that?

Well a kindrid spirit :slightly_smiling_face: I tried the same thing, only I didn’t use liapp. The positive thing about all my analysis was that I was getting in fifteen to twenty sticks a day. I tried calculating the hysterisis between blood sugar and sub q sugar and couldn’t get anything accurate. You would have though I was taking samples from passersby. Thanks for your post. I’m not alone

Kindrid spirit sums it up

here is a sharable link - near the end I got desperate - so it’s a mess

open office calc or there will be formula errors

give it a look for a laugh

I was notified that the 14 day sensors were “approved” for use in the USA. Then, I was later notified that they were “available” for purchase.

I called my supplier on Friday but have not heard back yet. Tomorrow, (Monday) I will call again to see if I can get the 14 day sensor now.