Starting new job

This is mostly me thinking out loud.

I’m starting a new job, and have lost some weight because I walked about 10 miles per day while in Vegas for the DefCon conference, where I went to see the Medical technology village and speakers. Dexcom guys were there. Abbott Labs (Libre) guys were sponsors. I shut down all medical devices and swapped into manual injection for the duration of the conference. No problems resulted…except for the floods and the person who called in an active shooter threat to the airport.

So, in this new phase, I will leave basals the same and start making adjustments a couple days in so I can see the effect of my new schedule.

I will bring lunch and snacks in case food resources are limited

I will keep a close eye on the dexcom so I see the lows coming. If I wear pants with pockets, I can keep closer watch in a less obvious way. I don’t want to look like someone who is constantly looking at their phone because that is an unlikeable quality.

I will stay hydrated with Gatorade zero and get enough sleep. I’ll go to bed early and drink some PM Theraflu to guarantee that I sleep well, despite any stress about the first day.


SO glad to see you have found a new job and lost some weight. What tech are you sporting these days? I’m back on the Dash with Loop Dev and my iPhone/Watch.

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No APS, just same old fashioned Omnipod.
Some of these large shifts in my basal make APS tricky because the thing just spirals out of control with incorrect basals. But I may try the new system after some feedback from other people - the Omnipod 5.

Congratulations on your new job. I hope they like you and you like them and it becomes a lasting relationship.


I used to love Theraflu. My chronic inflammation makes me cough at night, and Theraflu was a nightly ritual so I could sleep. Had to give it up, though. Makes me spike something terrible. Never did figure out how to manage it.

Good luck with the new job!


Buy a smart watch. You can check your BG as much as you want, without ever pulling out your phone. There are lots of options, both android and iwatch, depending on which phone you use.


Agree. I use a fitbit Ionic watch, and with xDrip on android phone, can display cgm data on watch with trend.
Watch can be set to vibrate for alerts.

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Hehehehe, Robyn. Should we feel old if our drug of choice is TheraFlu? Who knew it would ever come to this? I blame COVID. Trainspotting - Choose Life - Opening scene - HD WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES - YouTube