Starting a new job

After being laid off and unemployed for a year, I am starting a new fulltime job on Monday. Yay!!

Mostly I just want some good luck wishes :slight_smile: but I would like any advice you would like to give. I am excited, but also nervous. I don’t know how my blood sugars are going to react to the stresses and anxieties of a new job, and I don’t want to freak them out by having lots of highs and lows!

I can’t find a like button so CONGRATS! Make sure you eat a good breakfast with slow digesting carbs and protein. That will help keep everything a little more level. That’s what I do on mornings where I have to give 2-3 lectures. Helps keep me out of the highs and lows.

Congrats on your new job, Brianna! New jobs are always a bit stressful and probably more so since you have been out of work so long. I agree with SuFu about eating a good breakfast. Also as much as possible, plan your food for the work day (lunch) in terms of time and also whether you will bring food or know a reliable place to eat and maybe even what you will order. As much planning as possible reduces stress. I went out of town to a conference recently only a couple weeks after starting on the pump. I knew my schedule would be tight so I brought both lunch and dinner food, planned where and when I would eat, and basically went over the whole day’s schedule with a finetooth comb to see how I would manage. It didn’t all go as planned but because I’d thought it through I could switch to plan B.

Be sure you have everything packed and ready to go with whatever diabetes supplies and possible food items you want to take with you so you don’t feel frantic in the morning. Maybe even plan other things like what time to leave and what you will wear. It all will help reduce stress.

Will your blood sugars be perfect despite the stress and change in routine? Probably not, but don’t let it freak you out. Just be prepared with glucose tabs (or whatever you use) for possible lows and to correct any highs. I don’t know if your new job knows about your diabetes, but they don’t necessarily need to know if you have problems. If you have a private office, great. If not, (and I know I’ll get flack for this…lol) use the bathroom to test or your car if that is convenient so you don’t have to add worrying about your “image” to other stress.

Finally once you’ve prepared the best you can, keep track of your anxiety level throughout the day and if you feel yourself getting really stressed just take a moment to do some deep breathing and whatever relaxation techniques you know. Know that the first day is always the hardest and it will get easier from there.

Again, congrats and you’ll do fine!

I am going to echo the other two and say plan your meals the night before. If you are going to grab fast food look up the nutrition info and write it down, if you are going to take your lunch/meal put it in a paper bag and write the number of carbs on the outside or attach a sticky note to your lunch with the number of carbs on it to make carb counting and bolusing easier. Eat some sort of protein every few hours as well to help stabilize your bg. Good luck!

Congratulations!! I hope your BG likes your new job too!

Congratulations! How exciting for you!

Best of luck in your new adventure! I hope your first few days have gone well. Does your employer know you pump? I do not conceal my diabetes (in fact, my pump 2-hr reminder went off during my employment interview - and they hired me anyway!), but some folks do. I guess it depends on the situation. I feel safer knowing that, if I act funny, my manager will recognize the issue and help me deal with it. (Fortunately, this has never happened.) But it’s a lot simpler not having to conceal the pump :wink:


Thanks, everyone, for the great advice and for the well wishes! Planning meals the night before sounds like a great idea.

My employers do not know about my diabetes yet. I tend not to mention it during interviews because although discrimination is illegal, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I will probably tell my boss after I have been there a few days.