Starting new sensor without entering code

I’ve never until last night started a new Dexcom G6 without also entering the 4-digit code, but last night I did. I had to enter two BG calibration values last night on my iPhone Dexcom app and my Tandem pump. Now, just this morning, I got another demand for another calibration, so I entered that one on the pump and the Dexcom app. How often will I need to do this? I’m just curious.

When started with no code:

2 calibrations right after 2 hour warm up.

1 calibration 12 hours later.

1 calibration 12 hours after that

1 calibration/day for each remaining day


Anyone have any impressions about whether the results are more or less accurate than when a code is entered?

Wow! Tim12’s reply makes me more aware of how much hassle I have been avoiding just by entering that four digit code.

Just curious, Tom_in_SC, why DIDN’T you enter the four digit code?

I didn’t cuz I got messed up with another part of the start new sensor/xmtr routine and I just compounded the felony by forgetting to enter the code! Trust me, I won’t make that mistake again!

Entering on both phone & pump at the same time negates efforts of entering on phone only. Best to ignore the pump, do your start on your phone, and let pump catch up to your phone later … on its own.

I understand you did not intentionally fail to enter the code when installing the new G6 sensor. But as others have posted, you will soon only need to calibrate once a day.

I am not recommending this, but since you have a G6, you can restart that sensor if you can teach yourself how to remove the transmitter without disturbing the sensor. I saw a video showing that – I put my sensor on my abdomen, so it is easy to get to the sensor/transmitter. I first stop the sensor, then I use two test strips, one is slid into the sensor mounting gap on one side of the transmitter, the other strip into that gap on the opposite side. The transmitter just pops out. I wait 30 minutes so the transmitter will forget about the sensor. I then basically start over installing the “new” sensor with code, then install the transmitter and wait the 2 hours.

I personally calibrate after each new sensor and if doing a sensor restart, after doing one of those.

In the past, I needed to calibrate several times until the meter and the G6 more or less agree. But more recently, I’ve noticed new sensors come online already being fairly accurate. I would say about 10-20% of the time, I really need to calibrate several times, but most of the time the new sensor comes up being reasonably close to the meter. Of course, I only calibrate when my BG level is flat, not trending up or down.

But I understand restarting a sensor is not for everyone, and in your case, you only have to calibrate daily for another 9 days. Just wanted you to know it is not that hard to restart and this time enter the code.