Starting on the Ping soon

Any advice for someone who is new to the pump. I have been on shots since I was diagnosed 2 years ago.

I only started using the Ping a little over a month ago. I agree with what Laura said on the comment wall - find the right infusion set. That was my biggest frustration. I thought I had that worked out but I have been getting hives the last couple weeks and it just dawned on me today that it is probably the infusion sets so I get to start over. Try and get some samples of different ones so you can try to see which ones you like. When I was looking for information on infusion sets, I saw that was one of the biggest reasons that people give up on the pump in the beginning.

It’s really true. On my first pump, I had settled on one set. I kept hitting muscle and the thing kept dying on me.
On one day I think I had to change it three or four times. The trainer went out of town without her cell phone and I was so upset I nearly sent the pump back.
Then I met a nice trainer/CDE who helped me learn to use a different set and everything was fine.
So even insisting on good training is a good idea.
Hopefully your trainer will be helpful and not leave town!

I yanked mine out this morning. I am not sending it back but do need to find some sets that will work for me. At least I can see the benefits of the pump and the good stuff is really good. It is just the sets that are annoying!

Kelly, ok that webinar would have greatly helped you because you get to see a visual of what sets are best for what situations.
Go to the Animas site and look at Community, and then put your zip code in there to see the next dates for the meetings or do get your local rep for samples and ideas.
I havent changed sets in 9 years and have no sets that go bad, ever.
Unless my cat chews on the tubing, I never have to take them out.

I just did that. There is one actually this evening but the person you need to an email is not there - I got an out of office reply. The next one is on the 10th. I will have to shoot for that one. The local rep did send me samples of the Inset 30 & Contact Detach. I would like to try the stainless steel ones but messed up both of the Contact Detaches she sent me.

Fortunately, my cat has not discovered the tubing yet!

And FYI, it lasts about one hour.

Thanks Laura!

Work with your CDE. Try a cartridge of saline like it was insulin while you do your old MDI to get the hang of pumping. This is best advice I can offer.

Thanks for the advice. I’m sure that my CDE is going to help get me set up, but she is on vacation this week. I hope I can get set up before the school year starts.