Changing Animas OneTouch Ping Infusion Set Change

I just changed my infusion set for the first time and actually found it pretty easy as long as you follow the numerous steps. I rather have to follow numerous steps every 3 days than to have to follow insulin pens and needs, and IV prep pads everywhere I go.

WOW what a hassle you went through to get this going! Good for you rattling their cage loud enough and long enough for them to focus on your plight. I bet you are going to love your ping once you get the hang of it - I sure do. What kind of sets are you using?

It gets easier and becomes second nature pretty quick. I no longer think of all the steps......but i do remember the early days when it was a little slow.

So how did you like the first few day?

I actually liked it, the first few days... I'm on saline now and don't go onto insulin until Wednesday...

I go for training on my Animas Ping starting June 5. 38 years of injection is enough! I hope I catch onto it fast. I'm looking forward to the change.

It gets easier and easier every time. I am at the point now in my life when I could probably change my site with both hands tied behind my back and my eyes closed while standing on one leg. Seriously, I have changed my site in some weird places....including the bottom of the Grand Canyon, an airplane bathroom, a moving car, a train....You do need to make sure to keep site change stuff with you, or at least in some place you can quickly get to (i.e., the glove box of your car, your workplace, etc). Sites do fail sometimes, generally at the worst possible moments. For the most part, I've had very few issues, but every now and again you will get a bent canula or just a site that poops out after a couple of days.