Starting the Dexcom on Wednesday

IMy new Dexcom 7 plus will arrive on Wednesday and I am so excited. But I have a few questions about the Dexcom:

  1. How waterproof is the sensor and transmitter? I also use the omnipod and can swim with it on with no problems and no insulin lose. Can you do the same with the Dexcom?
  2. What is the length and angle of the sensor? My omnipod inserts at a 45* angle and this works well because I do not have much fat.
  3. What is the best place to wear the Dexcom? I use my stomach, above the waist for my Omnipod, which I rotate from left to right every 3 days. Will it work to wear on my back or upper butt area below the waistline? Not sure I could wear it on my arms. I don’t wear my pod on my arms because I am afraid I would knock it off. I live in a house with very narrow doorways and I am very clumsy and always running into them.
  4. Will the accuracy differ depending on the placem,ent of the sensor?
  5. Does the sensor work well at night even if it is laid on? I toss and turn quite a bit and have read that pressure from sleeping on the sensor causes it to not be as accurate.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Laramie, WY

Congratulations, and I hope you have a wonderful experience with the Dexcom - we LOVE it!!

The sensor/transmitter (same thing) is pretty waterproof, but we have found that the adhesive doesn’t last as long the wetter it gets. The receiver isn’t waterproof at all, but some people have bought waterproof cases or bags to put it in if they want to have it with them while swimming.

I don’t know the length of the sensor, but I do know that it’s angled, and you can kind of affect the angle as you insert it. My son is 10 and has almost no fat anywhere but it does work for us. He wears his on what would be his “love handles” if he had any. The upper butt works too from what I’ve read. If you do wear it on the arms it has a much lower profile than the pod, so it would be harder to knock off.

The only time we have trouble with the pod’s accuracy is on the first night, and we were told it’s probably because of my son’s placement and lack of fat. It almost always goes really high on the first night and then either goes kind of crazy for a couple of hours or goes ??? for a couple of hours. We ignore it and don’t try to fix it and then it almost always settles in nicely and we don’t have any problems with how my son sleeps.

I haven’t had much of a problem with laying on it. Tylenol affects the readings and will make them inaccurate so try to avoid that. I wear mine anywhere I put an infusion set. I shower with the Dexcom on and haven’t had any problems. They did tell me if I was going to reinforce with tape to make sure I don’t cover the sensor because condensation could affect readings.

  1. I never had any issue with the sensor being waterproof, though as mentioned prolonged exposure to water may make the sticky tape give way. I’ve had two receivers. One went through an entire wash cycle and worked fine after it dryed out! Another (newer) receiver got splashed by a wave and failed (Dexcom replaced it) – go figure. 2) I’d estimate the angle is 45 degrees and I’d guess the length about 10mm. 3) I always wear it on my stock (I’m about 15% body fat). Works pretty well there. 4) Accuracy varies HUGELY. Some are great. Some are terrible. Never sure if it is the particular sensor or that there is a fat deposit or something. If the accuracy is very bad, call Dexcom to get a replacement (I consider terrible if the BS reading is off by a factor of 2x multiple times). Be sure and clean contacts on transmitter with alcohol swab after each use. 5) No problems ever at night.

The new generation of Dexcom is supposed to be a LOT better but it being held up by the idiots at the FDA that keep medical advances off the market (but they get approved in Europe much faster).

I wonder about laying on it. I had a massage last week laying on the sensor part of the time and it failed. When I pulled it the sensor was bent sideways. Maybe the pressure of the massage? I’d love to put it on my thigh but sleep on my sides and back.

Does anyone else sleep on it with no problems?

Every single sensor we pull out of my son is bent, but he doesn’t have any problems aside from the first night.