More on Dexcom Placements

Hello everyone,

I’m on my 7th day with the Dexcom and so far I think it’s great, but I’m already thinking of where I will wear the next one. This first one is on my stomach, it seems to work fine but I also like to wear the omnipod there, so I need to find “virgin territories”.

I am thinking of trying the outside thigh, since I remember that from my shots days, that was one of the least painful sites. If I put it on my thigh, can I put it vertically, or does it need to be horizontal?
I also read that many people will use the side of the body (between the armpit and the hip), but is that also placed vertically? And what angle would arm placements have? Also for those who wear it on the stomach but above the waist line, does that site hurts more than others?
Since it needs to stay in for many days, I don’t want to risk it, and I’m trying to think of all possible spots…I know I’m asking 10 different things, but I’m trying to not get in the way of the omnipod, and hopefully find the least painful sites…I’m a wuss :slight_smile:

I had trouble keeping the Dexcom stuck to the sides of my tummy… I moved mine to the upper arm (outside edge) and had it still sticking without issue after 2 weeks. I love mine there! Good luck finding what works for you…

Oops - forgot to say I wear it vertically. But I think you need to line the sensor up with the muscle structure (across on the tummy, up and down on the arm)… But that’s just a guess - for what it’s worth. I get much better readings on my arm…

I always place mine so that it’s oriented horizontally. I’ve never worn the sensor on my arm, although I know it’s a fairly popular spot.

I generally wear the sensor on my abdomen or the side of my torso.

It can be worn on your lower back, but I haven’t had great experience there - the problem is that when I sit on my couch, the way I sit must restrict blood flow around the sensor, which leads to a lot of false Low readings. Funny story - I was watching The Shining one night after placing a Dexcom sensor on my back, and the <55 alarm went off during the scene with the two little girls. I actually screamed a little.

I use my arms… I use thighs for infusion sets a lot, but I have put sensors there, and they work great.

As far as arms go… I’m to the point where I only need to mess with the sensor/tape every 10 days or so to keep it stuck on securely. I have figured out a system that works well for me and my body chemistry :slight_smile:

i was told put it somewhere where your not gonna put a ton of pressure on it such as when laying down or it screws with your numbers, im still waiting on mine should have it in a couple days cant wait!!

I have to keep my sensors on the middle of my abdomen so I will not mash the sensor when I lie on my side at night. I weigh 212 and the mashing gives me wild numbers. It is ok the next morning, but i don’t want false alarms during the night. I jave seen other Dex users post this too. I also saw some people say this was not a problem, because they do not weigh very much.

A sensor does not cause scar tissue like an infusion set for a pump, so i can keep using the same general region of my abdomen. Rotating sites for sensors does not seem to be necessary.

Oh… now you tell me! lol. I’m a bit over 200 myself (and 6’4" to match) and was getting some crazy low readings overnight. It never occurred to me that i could be squishing sensor area and causing blood flow/pressure issues! I’ve only had my dexcom for several days though, on 2nd sensor now which i moved to opposite side of belly. Seems to be doing much better now… takes time i guess to find perfect position. Sleeping with sensor on right side is great, but sitting in chair bugs me due to way i sit. I may have to consider arm placement, if i can figure out how to do that one handed. Hrmm…

Arm placement took a bit to figure out the first time, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s easier to put the sensor on than you would think. The only thing that I need help for is if it’s too warm and I get moisture under the sensor. Sometimes I can’t get the thing out of the holder to dry off the contacts. But I have about a 60% success rate with doing it myself. Good luck

Question about arm placement: For those of you who like using your arm as a Dexcom sensor site, are you inserting the sensor into muscle or into fat? I use the area around my navel pretty exclusively, since it’s where I have some padding. My arms are pretty lean. Fat tissue contains no nerve endings, but muscle is full of them.

I put it on the back of my arm (the outside edge). I’d like to think it’s muscle, but I’m over 50 so fat is a possibility :wink:

Thanks for all of the input so far.
For those of you who do use the arms, do you place the sensor horizontally or vertically?

I did not know that I don’t need to worry about scar tissue with the sensor, thanks for the info!

This is great! I’m fairly new to Dexcom and I want to love it but placement is an issue. I just learned a lot from the posts so far.
I just had one of those nights with constant false lows and you all know what that can do to your nerves! Today I am feeling exhausted, cranky and bummed out.
I came to the group today to try and find some help and I did. You guys rock!

Vertically. A good general rule is, pinch the area where you’re thinking of putting it, and put it in the direction of the fattiest pinch!