Starting tomorrow...I pump with insulin

Tomorrow is the day that I pump with insulin. For the last week I have been pumping with saline and I really love it. I also really love my pump. I’m so glad that I got a Minimed. I really wanted an animas but I’m happy with what I have. I have been bolusing like I would if I was pumping saline. Minimed is so easy to use. And I really love the bolus wizard.
I also love that I can dissconnect at any time (I use quick sets), so in the morning for school I dissconnect, stick the tubing through my pocket and I connect again. It’s that easy!
I think to myself all the time that three years ago I would of never have thought that I would be using an insulin pump. I have really come a long way. First pills, then insulin and now a pump. I’m just so excited that I don’t have to take all those shots a day (4-7). I even did my first site change the other day all by myself and I had no problems and it did not hurt a bit. I could not have made a better choice with pumping. It’s not that I mind taking shots it’s just that they are SO annoying, you know? Inconvenient, I guess is a better word. I hate going out to eat and having to pull out my pen and inject. So now I can do it all and voila! no shots.

Good luck Kiersten, I start pumping next Thursday. I totally understand what you are saying about MDI being annoying and inconvenient. I am hoping the pump will help me with the lows I have been having and living a more normal life.

Good Luck and Take Care!!

keep us posted! good luck, and happy pumping.