I'm on the pump with insulin!

I’m on the pump!!! I think its gonna be great… The trainer is nice and his wife has had diabetes since she is 10 and is on the pump since 1988 :slight_smile: I think I’m gonna LOVE it!!!

Congrats and welcome to pumping!!! You’re going to love it!


Well done, enjoy!!!

what kind of pump did you go with?

Congratulations! What pump did you get?

lane and mike i’m on the medtronic minimed 722. I think it will be great!!!

It’s so nice that people here can celebrate together. Getting excited about anything diabetes-related is so rare for us, isn’t it? It’s so cool to have people who understand what a big deal this is.

So what are you liking?

I can’t believe how much more free I feel, even with this thing attached to me.

The insertion was painless, my #s have been great, I’m using less insulin, I love the bolus wizard because I feel like I’m not stressing as much about deciding my doses, (I’ve NEVER been great with decisions) and I love that it’s so quick and easy to bolus. I bolused at a traffic light the other day and it seemed like the greatest thing on earth. LOL. No one else would understand that.

So wishing you a Happy Day 1.


Yippee!!! Doesn’t this feel like the best birthday/Christmas/ fill in spot here - that you’ve ever had or what? I know for myself - 40 years of syringes - and now pumping - what a big difference it’s made in my life. Glad you had to good trainer - that really helps alot. If I had a nursing degree - I would love to do that sort of work - helping others.

I read that in your other thread, too - that you bolused at a traffic light. But why would you do that?

I have’nt been on long enough to list any certain things yet but it seems GREAT!! I bolused for lunch and I’m a bit low now :slight_smile: It gave me way less insulin then I did with shots!! Glad its going good for you too!!!

You got it!!!

Yippee is right!!! I’m blessed, I’ve only been on shots for a year and a half!!

Thanks Dave!! I will!!!

Awesome. That is the same model I have! I am coming up on two months now of pumping. I am enjoying it, and I know you will also. Definitely an exciting day for you. So much more freedom is to be had from here on out. I wish you the best of luck, and congratulations again.

Thats cool :slight_smile:

I was on the Minimed 722 too (for about two years). It was fantastic. The only thing that I will warn you about (not to rain on your parade) is that my doc told me Humalog clogs the tubing sometimes in intense heat. And since our bodies are 98 degrees (ha ha) my tubing clogged pretty often. And, I’m in MA, so I’m not too far from you- so it had nothing to do with the weather in our area.

My doc suggested using Novolog and Apidra instead.

Also, didn’t know if your trainers had a chance to talk to you about concealing it (if you’re interested) Minimed makes a slim clip that you put the pump on and hook to your jeans, etc. I used to wear mine turned inward (face of the pump against the cleavage skin) inside the middle of my bra. That way the pump was out of the way, and hidden from site (unless I wore low cut blouses). I didn’t have any trouble with that and I didn’t have to worry too much about the “sturdiness” of my pants, skirt, etc. With the weight of the pump, it would sometimes drag my pant waists down a bit.

Congratulations! I hope it works out for you, truly.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: We’re working at getting all the settings right yet and I think I’ll really love it even more then I already do once its all worked out :slight_smile: It just so happens thati’m on novolog already so that shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile: Also I’ve found a way to carry my pump that works great and for info on it please look at my blog post on my profile. The case I use is all most always mostly hidden by my shirt and I really like were the pump is better then clipped at my waist. Thanks again for your help!!

Hooray! I am so happy for you Leanna! I know you will love the pump!