Statins in the news

I knew there was a reason my statin prescription was sitting on my desk, unopened:

"The new labeling will also warn doctors and patients that statins can cause hyperglycemia, an increase in blood sugar levels and increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes."

Sigh. So why are they pushing them so hard on T2 diabetics?

My doctor has been really pushing them, but I was feeling anxious and unsure about them and wanted to study the pros and cons more before I started taking them.

Anything that says "avoid grapefruit juice" on it makes me nervous. Why would eating a natural citrus fruit be a problem? Possible muscle damage? Possible liver damage? What?

A host of other problems with statins including muscle weakness, muscle pain & muscle wasting. Good med for the heart, huh?

Many discussions here about statins. Use the search feature.

Statins are a multi billion dollar business. I'm not at all surprised.

Many Rx meds can't be taken with grapefruit, but that doesn't mean the med is harmful. A chemical in grapefruit interferes with the some enzymes that metabolize drugs. Other chemicals are similar. For example, you can't take thyroid supplements with calcium or iron because these minerals prevent thyroid pills from being assimilated properly.

Some meds need to be taken with food. Some on an empty stomach.

At the end of the article it states "Statins are very important in diabetics to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke." But if it raises your blood sugar which in turn raises your risk of heart disease, where's the benefit?

I am goint to keep taking them. Statins have been the primary reason that my cholesterol has been lowered to a more than acceptable level, and as a result, have kept the cholesterol problem in check. After a quintuple bypass surgery with huge complications, I am not ready to have poor circulation due to cholesterol and plaque build-up once again.

Despite what they say, statins work. I am writing this post because they do.