Anyone taking statins?

Been reading these warnings all day just came out today from the fda.

LOL -- great minds. I just posted a discussion on the same topic. Scary.

The amazing power of the internet!! news is instant now.

I take Fenofibrate 54 mg

I have been taken simvastatin for cholesterol I have been asking the doc to get me off them, the last blood work i had my numbers were great.....just 1 or 2 digits away from being perfect!!! he would not take me off the statins!!!

I DID.....
I feel better in just 2 wks.

I also take Pravastion 80 MG, My overall cholesterol is 224

I read about this two years ago. I never have & never would take statins. My first labs at diagnosis of diabetes showed high cholesterol (252)& high tryglicerides. Three months after dietary & lifestyle changes, my new doctor said both were "perfect." Even if they weren't, by then I had been researching the so-called "benefits" of statins & I still wouldn't have taken them.

Besides, any drug that raises the risk of diabetes would also make diabetes worse in a diabetic.

There is a reason most doctors push statins & it's the same reason they push other drugs - especially to diabetics: The research & clinical studies that show a drug's effectiveness are all funded by pharmaceutical companies, who then provide their biased data to doctors (who aren't the ones doing the research.) Billions of dollars are at stake. Additionally, there are very close financial ties between doctors & pharmaceutical companies.

I suggest looking at some publications written by doctors who research clinical trials & are willing to speak candidly about it. There is nothing better than being an informed patient - especially when your health is at stake:
"Overdo$ed America" by John Abramson, MD
"The Truth About the Drug Companies - How They Deceive us and What to do About it."
by Marcia Angell, MD

Xring, very well stated, I was only on them for a short time, however I did ask to
be taken off them since my cholesterol was doing great. Doc, said no, I said yes and have since stopped taken any statins...I am looking out for me....

ps. news all over the tv today about it. especially concerning diabetes!!

I was on statins, even though my cholesterol was normal, but they wanted that one other number to be a bit lower and it worked. I went off statins years ago and recently got an RX to start again, after seeing the news last night, I am not going to resume

A Pharmacist (Suzy Cohen) said the link between statin use & diabetes has been common knowledge for several years.

Luckily, we had the FDA watching over us......... HAHA.

Here is an example (And a very informative site:)

What a scary thought that was "FDA WATCHING OVER US"

Simvastatin and other statins for 13 years. When I was diagnosed my cholesterol was a little high. As a precautionary measure they put me on it and every dr. since has continued it. I have a slew of labs scheduled in 3 months, before my next drs. appointment. If my cholesterol is good I'm going to ask to be taken off and see if that continues.

good thought, i have not be able to figure out why all docs want to keep us on these things. my numbers were just 2 digits away from perfect and he still said no.....

I have been taking simvistatin for over 5 years. About 5 months ago my pcp told me to immediately cut the dose in half, which I did. At that time I'd also begun a very serious exercise program, working out a total of 90 minutes a day. When we re-tested three months after lowering the dose, all my numbers were the "best ever", and the doc said it was mostly from increased activity, because I hadn't changed my diet.
I recently got off dialysis (after being on for 14 months). My treatment plan for keeping the kidneys healthy involved vascular health, and cholesterol management is one of the factors. My kidney doc himself takes simvistatin, as well as my cardiologist, so I am going to try to make an informed decision and for now,, continue with the meds.

The fear of being put on statins kicked me into some simple lifestyle changes: nuts as snacks, fish a few times each week (canned sardines: easy & cheap!), and daily exercise. Got my chol. numbers at good levels in 5 months.
Still my docs suggest statins as a "preventative measure">> something about strengthening the walls of the blood vessesls?? I'm ignoring them for now. And eating sardines.

they tried to put me on them after ONE weird blood pressure reading (something like 140/70) claiming that ALL diabetics use them to prevent damage.

My mom said "not gonna happen" and i never filled out the prescription

They have been proven, in multiple studies, to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease events in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients, with the reduction in CHD events directly correlated to the degree of cholesterol reduction.

The above figure is from the following review article which cites the relevant studies.

Of course, everyone must make their own decisions about the risk reward ratios of a particular drug, but it astonishes me that people say the benefit is not proven , when
it has been proven in multiple studies. The same people that are so careful about reducing the risk of complications should realize that CHD IS a diabetic complication and their is additional risk reduction avialable through lipid control (either natural or artificial).

I take Statins daily. I take them because they work, at least they work for me.

My cholesterol was extremely high after a stroke. While recovering from the stroke it was discovered that I had coronary artery disease, and needed heart bypass. During pre-surgical testing, it was determined that I had a hole in a heart valve and that needed repair as well. Post surgery, I was put on a Statin and my cholesterol has come down considerably.

My diabetes is controlled. I am not going to stop taking statins.