Steak Tartare

Not sure if this is healthy but it's tasty and low carb - just added a blog recipe for Steak Tartare

Any other steak tartare fans out there?

Oh i love steak tartare. I will have to check it out.

It is delectable. However, it should be made with very high grade beef, which is much higher fat. I so love diabetic gourmonds. New foods and food ideas are an amazing break from daily diabetic food drugery.

OK, I feel like the food police and I hate that.. Be careful about sourcing the meat as it is a raw product. It normally includes raw egg.

But it is like great, wonderful Belgian chocolate without the carbs (bolus for the protein) and the sugar. Very French. Very Parisian and Limousin (the cows, if well sourced). Oh la la!

Thanks, jah. You brightened my day.