Steel Infusion Set - time between changes

I was having roblems pwith the cannula on my insets bending so my CDE gave me some samples of the contact detach infusion set from Animas. I know the literature says to change the steel sets every two days, but has anyone tried and succeeded wearing them for three days? I really don’t want to have to change after only two days. I put the set in earlier this evening and so far so good. It went in easy and it’s not at all uncomfortable.

Hi Carman:
My son, Cameron (type 1, age 5 1/2), wears the stainless steel infusion sets. we change them every 3 days and no issues.
We prep his new site with Lidocaine cream and let it sit for about 30 minutes before insertion. It works wonderful!
Hope this helps.

Thanks Kristi. Actually, there wasn’t any discomfort inserting the set and it feels fine in. I just didn’t know if there was a reason for changing the site every two days, other than that’s want the FDA or animas says. Like, does something negative happen because the steel is in the skin for more than 1-2 days? I have someone also sending me some Orbit Micros and their rep says they can be worn for 3 days unless I run into a problem. I did read in Kelly’s blog that she encountered pain when she laid down on the orbit because of the dome. We’ll see.

Nothing negative on our end. I think after 3 days, the insulin starts to get absorbed into the cartridge and you may have issues with absorbency but we have had very good luck with 3 days. My son has fallen on the site before and it did pinch a little but he has very little, if any, discomfort…and he is NEVER still…lol

Good luck!

I wore them for 3-4 days for years. I can’t now, but it’s more due to scarring then it is the inset. I love steel insets - keep getting blockages with the cannula insets.

BTW, I wear AccuCheck Rapid D’s - they lay flat on the skin.

I really like the idea that the Orbits rotate so you don’t have to worry about which direction the tubing is facing when putting it on. I put in my first steel set last night and have had some elevated blood sugars across the board. I’m wondering if using the 6mm steel verses the 9mm cannula is an issue for me. I also made a basal change last night, but a reduction from 1.4 to 1.3 only from 10pm to midnight. We’ll see