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I am wondering if anyone out there is familiar with current clinics around the world that claim to be treating Type 1 with stem cell treatments. It was recommended to me by a Doctor to find a clinic outside of this country and after doing some research I found a place in El Salvador and Argentina that claims to have treated 1500 people with type 1. I have been corresponding with them trying to get a feel if this is real or whether it is a scam. Anybody know?

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Regenerating beta cells or creating them from stem cells is only part of the “cure” for Type 1. You need to also stop the autoimmune attack or else the body will just destroy the new beta cells like the old ones.

I certainly don’t know enough to say whether it is a scam, but if they were really curing people with Type 1, I suspect it would be front page news.

thanks for the reply. i asked them about the auto immune response and the reply i got was brief. here is is:

Hi David, These are Dr. Vina´s replies to your queries:

Is there a requirement for taking immunosuppresives after the operation and on going to prevent the auto immune process to destroy the stem cells?

He does not do any inmunosuppression in case of Diabetes Type 1 - There is a Doctor in Brazil who does such, but only for patients who have developed this conditions 6 weeks earlier or less.

How does the process work? In other words, what happens biologically after the operation.

The process consists of placing stem cells in the Pancreas in order for them to regenerate new islets

Check out They are US based and using stem cells with a protective barrier to keep the immune attack from destroying the cells. They anticipate a first in human trial sometime in 2013 but I wouldn't hold my breath as most research gets delayed. There are quite a few bio companies experimenting with similar therapies although most seem to be focused on using porcine cells. Viacyte is claiming with their technique they can scale up to meet the need of the entire diabetic community that is interested in the procedure. First things first, its got to prove safe and effective.

I have just heard of Dr.Fernandez-Vina last night while looking up islet cell transplantation. Unfortunately, I could not play the informational presentation, nor have I been able to get the information. Zoa cell stem cell therapy was the name of the foundation. I will be researching this though. From the little info I could gather, they do not offer a cure, but improved glycemic control, slight resetting of the immune system, lessening of the severity of the disease. I was able to find one blog where the blogger's mother had great improvement in symptoms of MS, later backed up by changes on x-ray. I could not find out the cost, as this would not be covered by insurance. He seems to be legitimate. Since you are spending your own money, you might want to see the results from Sernova (who took over and expanded upon Dr. Valdes work in Mexico or LTC, see if they have better success with stronger doses of islets.

Also, since Vina is using the patient's own stem cells taken from bone marrow and adipose tissue, there would not be a need for immunosuppressant drugs. Seems safe on the face of it; need to learn much more.

I nearly had cadaver transplantation done. It was in Las Vegas tho about 10 years ago. It was a research thing.

there are 2 major problems which is why I changed my mind.

1. The immuno supressants that you must take for the rest of your life are much harder on your body than diabetes is.

2. You liver takes up the transplanted cells. you liver will become scarred and could cause damage to it. It also prevents you from getting another transplant further down the road. Once sufficiently scarred the surface area of your liver will not allow new islets to adhere.

transplanting directly to a pancreas will have the same scarring effect if you could be sure they would stay there.

This newer idea is supposed to be directed into the pancreas but from what I have read the cells are still more likely to grow on your liver anyway. Also The newest research about the immune response in diabetics is that it never goes away.

The success rate is only about 20%. That is according to the ACP ( american college of psysicians) study abstract from 2009. That is why they say it is not a cure and just improves glycemic control, that is code for we can only hope to offer 20% success at best.

I read that most diabetics still produce islet cells and that they are killed off as fast as they can be regenerated.
T here have been studies with people who take large doses of vaccine which can interupt the immune response and many of the test subjects regained islet function with no transplant or stemcells or anything.
We need to solve the immuno response first.
It is too risky in my opinion.

i would like to speak to anyone who has had it done and find out how they feel and see what the end results are.

Those ads are just scare tactics. It makes me wonder about anyone who would put that out.

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This whole thing worrys me a lot

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Has anyone seen the documentary film "Burzynski"? What did you think? Given what this film implies how ever would a cure for diabetes get mainstream (FDA) approval?! Think of the immense $ loss to Big Pharma if we. all zillion of us. simply didn't need all this diabetes related C-r-a-pola anymore, right?

i have seen the film and it is no surprise to me that the government and industry is doing everything to muzzle him and keep him at bay. my thoughts on a cure are that there will not be a cure but that there will be treatments that last maybe 6 months or a year. perhaps the pig cells. they will create something that will essentially be a "cure" that will have to be administered at certain intervals at a huge cost, perhaps 10,000.00. that's how they will continue to keep transferring money from us to the pharmaceuticalhealthcaremilitarycriminalindustrialmafiacomplex

It seems most of the entire diabetic community feels even if a potential treatment becomes available it will be at an enormous price tag because unless the revenue is there the treatment will fade into thin air. That may be true but the fact is any company that produces a treatment has to realize if they plan to commercialize it and its not cost effective they realistically will have little to no customers. If I were a multi millionaire I would pay whatever it took to have an advanced treatment but I'm not and neither are most people with or without diabetes. The cost of managing diabetes today is a hardship for many people as it is and an expensive surgical procedure would be unrealistic for most people, As long as insulin exists its likely most Ins companies would not pay for it either because it would likely be considered like cosmetic surgery as optional. In the end we will likely be stuck diabetic and all the research companies will have burned millions of dollars on something they won't be able to market, Basically anyone who gets diabetes is screwed for life and the worst part is if you get it as a kid like I did your spending virtually your entire life suffering.The smartest thing we could do is everyone that has diabetes just apply for assistance because we can't afford our supplies anymore so if you don't send them for free I guess I am gonna die. We will see how the government reacts to that!

I love your extra long name for the devil itself! Indeed!

Have you watched Manny Hernandez's interview with Dr. Faustman about her research awhile back? Here is the link: Dr.Faustman Interview

This sounds really promising to me. Her procedure cures (mice so far) with a well know drug (BCG) fully vetted for side effects long ago. Really cures! - The bad immune system cells that kill our islet cells are eliminated. And it would work for anyone still budding islet cells, which apparently includes even 30% of people with diabetes for more than 50 years. This percentage increases sharply as the # of years of D decreases.

I wish I could meet her. I would ask if she funds her own research to avoid getting tangled up with big money from pharmaceuticalhealthcaremilitarycriminalindustrialmafiacomplex - To avoid the fate of Dr. Burzynski? I bet she knows ALL about it. If I had it I'd give her the whole 20-some million she needs to get through phase 2 of the clinical trials! Oh well.

hi earthling. being an earthling is not so great these days but here we are. i donate money to denise faustman. every month i send her a check. she seems to have all the pieces in place and seems pretty confident as well. of course she gets some private funding-- she was initially funded by Lee Iakoka of general motors and i imagine she gets some funding from the Massachusetts General Hospital where she does her work and private donations. She sends out updates from time to time. All the best. Burzynski was not the only one to get the shaft. Amazing how transparent the evil motives are and that we are really the enemy. check out my website:

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The reply you received is not addressing the point made by Lathump. Immunosuppressives are not the issue here.

The simplified story of T1D is your body attacks healthy beta cells and destroys them. Even if you grow new beta cells from stem cells, they will be attacked and destroyed too. There may be a period of time where the new beta cells produce adequate insulin, but ultimately you will be back @ T1D. Stem cell implantation does not solve this fundamental problem.

I heard that one has to be a "newby," That is, you must have been diagnosed recently to be a candidate for the studies.

you are probably talking about the studies to halt the progression of type 1. i think you have to have been diagnosed within a year of entering a trial. check this out !
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