Step Out to Fight Diabetes

I walk fast so diabetes slows down!

Green Lakes, Fayetteville, NY
October 20th, 2007

It was a beautiful fall day, fall is here?! Finally!!! The scene was just right: colors vibrant, leaves falling and rustling and a chilly wind! But no rain so it was perfect!

My mom and I showed up an hour before the walk was to begin. The number of people wearing the bright yellow volunteer shirts made me smile big. I was so happy to see so many people helping out.
The registration tables were full and people were signing up, still!
I finally got to meet my local ADA contact. I was so excited, as was she.
She got us set up to get signatures. She had printed out a petition to Congress, asking for more funding for diabetes research.
Mom and I were ready to go!

Look at all the people here! Let’s get as many signatures as we can and hopefully remember everyone we talked to!
There were local teams, Foot Specialist of CNY was one big one and we got them all!
There were families, kids, teenagers…
A local radio station was announcing, the announcer/dj is Type 1 Diabetic.
Once we got going, groups just started passing the petition around to one another. We were all advocates today!
I met some wonderful people. First, no one could believe I was 29, lol. Second, that I was Type 1 Diabetic, let alone for 22 years and on the pump for 3.
Many people were diabetic, many people knew someone.

There was also a Vendor Fair. Medtronic, Animas, Lantus, Joslin Diabetes Center to name a few, were present. The highlight of my day was meeting the local rep for Animas, Steve. He has been helping me out via Joslin with my pump supplies since I do not have health insurance. What a great moment when we both realized who each other was! I gave that man a HUGE hug. I also found out he is Type 1 Diabetic, for 22 years too! He is simply a wonderful, caring man, human being, husband, father, friend…

Soon after a great encounter and more signatures, mom and I decided to talk a walk. It was quiet and warmer in the trees!! My blood test was running a bit high so I grabbed my water and took my time so as to not push myself into a low.

Soon after we returned to “base” to get more signatures and lunch. I was getting cold and my bt was still up there, I did not feel well and I wanted heat!!! So we said our goodbyes to the local ADA staff, some of the volunteers and made our way to my car. Our hearts full of joy. Our minds full of the next step. Our hands in our pockets…our bodies taking in the crisp, clean air. Our eyes enjoying the colors. All in all, it was a great morning, a wonderful two hours, a spectacular feeling…to advocate, to help, to meet, to talk, to laugh, to smile, to feel apart of a community.

Until next year!

good job! I salute u! God bless you more… :slight_smile: