Step Out tomorrow... and Im getting teary eyed

So the Step Out walk for the metro detroit area is tomorrow and out of everyone I asked to join me, only my sister and my sorority sister (who I went to school with since Junior High) decided to join me. Why is this? I’ve dedicated my life to this disease and staying healthy… but they can’t join me for a 2 mile walk through a zoo. I feel sorry for them.

The reason why Im getting teary…

Sooooo many other people who care about people with diabetes, it just makes my heart swell knowing that people will be there with diabetes, supporting people with diabetes, or just caring enough to donate their time and money.

I created my team tee shirt today… on the front it reads I am… Sarah, type 1. 13 years. Complication free. (and it goes on)

Thats what got me choked up. 13 year… wow. it may not seem like a long time to some, but 13 years is more than half my life (im 24) and Im still complication free after all the stupid things I do. 13 years… its a combination of amazement, sadness, and determination. Heres to the next 13 years and beyond…

Sarah, wish I could be there with you! Thank you for doing the walk. Here’s to you, and many years to come.

Congratulations on remaining 13 years complication free! It’s great that you are involved to support others who are going through what we go through every day! :slight_smile: