I was just in the hospital for an insulin overdose given by my allergy doctor. My endo did not participate at that hospital, so I had to have another visit me. She took one look at me (chubby, not the typical Type 1 thin) and started hollering that I couldn’t be Type 1 and that she wanted to see my c-peptide and antibody tests! Grrr! Not all Type 1s are thin, Doc! I don’t think my own endocrinologist would be so incompetant as to diagnose me Type 1 if I wasn’t. It was insulting, to say the least. She wrote all over my chart in big question marks as to whether I was Type 1 or 2. I am a bit upset by this. Doctors can be such Butt-heads! No manners and no sensitivity. I am not truly 1.5 either. EXTREMELY sensitive to insulin, apparently!

Get a copy of your chart, show it to your endo and ask him/her to contact the butthead endo. Then call butthead and yell at her yourself.


Sorry about overdose. Remember your other post about being allergic to insulin.

No excuse for that doc’s behavior. She was thinking that your overdose was a result of misdiagnosis & that it could happen again, but that’s no reason to carry on.

Not only embarrassing, her belief that you were Type 2 could have caused you to get incorrect treatment. How incompetent of her to make decisions not based on facts!

I’m so sorry that happened to you. I would definitely put in some form of protest directly or through your endo. I worked for Behavioral Health in a small rural (poor) community where people often got their care at the ER and I was apalled at how often ER docs made diagnoses, changed meds, etc which imho is not their job and not appropriate!

I was misdiagnosed Type 2 based on a stereotype as well. She’s 58 years old, she MUST be Type 2. All the money and all the time spent in med school, doctors are not immune from being idiots…and arrogant idiots as well. I’m glad you’re ok.

Ditto on that! It requires two nurses in a hospital setting to inject insulin.

This bothers me very much that people can assume that. I know quite a few type 1s and they are all shapes and sizes, there should not be a body size put on this disease.

ThunderOwl’s thread

As listed in that thread, she has an insulin allergy and is a T1. The allergist has to inject her with the insulin to desensitize her to be able to pump insulin…

I’m 5’5" at 180lbs and have been type 1 since age 11. Share that with the butthead!

I think it was before her period. This is what I tell myself. Then I ensure I put miles between a physician like that and me forever. When I see a female physician/dentist with inadequate information carrying on I believe they are insecure and vulnerable. I talk with someone else about their mental state (in the form of a question) so it gets back to her via a Chief of Department.physician. I’ve had experience with that kind of physician and I wish there were a way to get something done with the State Board, but it doesn’t happen. I’ve been there, too. At least you know what her behavior is and you absolutely have to stay away from her one way or another.
The big concern is that she has inadequate information and is a practicing Endo. Let’s hope she is in a group on probation and will be lost along the way.

I do hope youre feeling better now…it is sad and there is simply no excuse for your doctor’s error and actions. Maybe you can make a report to the hospital administration? So that she may be rectified and situations such as be avoided in the future.

Well, the allergist who was testing me overdosed me when he was trying to see if there was any type of insulin I can take (there are two). I asked him “how much insulin is in each of those twelve shots?” And I was told 0.5. Now, 0.5 units diluted down was okay over about 12 injections, since my blood sugar was 273 that morning. Remember that I am a very new diabetic, and this was an ALLERGY doctor. What he meant was 0.5 MILLILITERS, not units, which equals about 3-4 units per each of the 12 shots. I was an insulin virgin…never had it before, except accidentally when I went into anaphylactic shock. Yup. Crashed and burned! Since some of it was long-acting stuff, so I had to stay in the hospital at least 24 hours. Ended up staying 48. I found out: Insulin burns like hell! How do you guys TAKE the stuff? Ouchies!
I am just back from delivering my cat to my friend who is kitty-sitting before I go to Alaska for my job (traveling nurse). I am stressed out to the max Two full days on the road driving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as an update: I saw my Endo today. My GAD was 20.5. She is faxing it to the butt-head doctor who could not believe I was T1D because of my age/weight. I am getting my pump when I come back from Alaska! She gave me a card and said to talk with the rep and get the paperwork for her to fill out. She said to have it delivered for the day I get back so she can get me started on teaching, etc. It will be necessary due to my insulin allergies. I am told that I need to be on insulin constantly, even if it is a micro-dose, in order to not develop antibodies against the last two remaining types I can take. So once on insulin…that’s it for me. It’s forever. No sliding scales. Pump all the way! My doctor says she has not started anyone on a pump…always started on the injections first, but there is always a first time! I am crossing my fingers that my pancreas does not crap out while I am gone! Oh, my HgA1C in the hospital was 8.6. Woohoo! Better than 12.1!

oh those damn docs think they know it all. I am overweight and my endo swore for five years I was type 2. I finally said look dude, do the c peptide, and when it came back I was like so who is type 2 now? Geese.

Hey anyone says your a type 2 , so great lets give up five day a shots and bring me some cheese cake. You will be back on insulin in and be a type ! in like 15 minutes.

Ohm OK so, don’t do that. Just demand a c peptide, and when you get out, go back to a doc who knows you, and remember, remember just because they have medical degree or a nursing license does not make them some kind of expert. Experience and common sense have to factor in as well.

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