Steroid shot - delayed action?

I got a steroid shot yesterday for severe environmental allergies. I’m surprised that, so far, it’s had NO impact on my blood sugars. It also hasn’t improved my allergy symptoms substantially yet—I’m still quite reactive.

Has anyone had a steroid shot for allergies that’s taken more than 24 hours to start working??? It seems quite odd to me.

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Not for allergies, but for other things. I find that it varies between 1-3 days to work on me. Last time it was a full week. Same with the blood glucose effects. They kind of occur on the same unpredictable schedule.

Thanks! Apparently I got a pretty low dose of steroids, so I’m wondering if it was too low of a dose to help much.

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Still no effect on my BG. I actually had to lower my basal rates and have been having lows. Still only minimal improvement in my allergy symptoms. Apparently steroid shots are long-acting, so I’m hoping this kicks in more strongly over the next couple of days.

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Or else maybe my allergies were driving up my blood sugar a lot more than I thought they were, so much so that adding a steroid and reducing the inflammation actually improves control. I feel like my experience is unique in the world of diabetes and steroids. :slight_smile:


I have actually have them with no reaction. So take it as a great thing.