Still around

I am still around ... just insanely busy! I am out of the house 10-12 hours a day between work and the commute. Then I am also working on my thesis and doing work as a research assistant. The remaining hours in the day are pretty much spent sleeping and eating and doing chores!

My diabetes has been pretty well-behaved lately. I even went to a conference and didn't see any high teens (300s) except for the last day when I forgot to bolus for lunch. A lot of it was due to making smart choices even if I would have preferred to do something else ... On the first morning there I woke up high and all they had for breakfast was muffins. I skipped the muffins and just had coffee. The second morning I woke up in range and had half a muffin and ended up high ... A colleage who is severely allergic to nuts couldn't eat the muffins because the hotel put all of them (including one that contained nuts) on the same plate. She said she is bringing her own breakfasts to conferences from now on, and I thought that wasn't a bad idea if I could think of something that's portable and doesn't require refrigeration and is relatively low-carb and suitable for breakfast. I'm not sure such a thing exists! As it turns out, another conference attendee who has Type 2 (who I completely forgot even had diabetes as they take pills) was ranting near the end about how the hotel needs some more diabetic friendly options other than just muffins. I think hotels need a lot of education regarding food allergies and other dietary restrictions related to health.

Actually, the main health problem occupying my brain the past few weeks has not been diabetes but has been allergies. My allergies are HORRIBLE this year. I am having major problems even with taking medication all day (which I do year-round anyway) and even with pollen levels being low. The conference I was at was one that had a lot of blind and visually impaired attendees, and as a result there were a ton of guide dogs. I am SUPER allergic to dogs and can't touch them or be near them at all without having horrible allergies, so even with medication I spent the entire weekend sneezing, blowing my nose, coughing, wheezing, itching, eyes watering, the whole nine yards! I needed packs of tissues with me at all times and had to leave the room a few times because I was sneezing so much or could hardly breathe. It was ridiculous! Yesterday I forgot to take an antihistamine in the morning and I nearly left work sick because I couldn't function (I would have left, if it wasn't a brand-new job where I'm still on probation!). Even on days I take medication and there is no pollen I still have problems because I am just allergic to everything. I am seeing an allergist in a few weeks to get allergy testing done and see if my allergies have gotten worse (would be surprised if they haven't!!) and talk about allergy shots. Hopefully the shots will be covered and will work out schedule-wise, even if they don't cure my allergies hopefully it would make them less severe.

I am hoping I can devote some time to blogging soon. I also got a new dSLR camera a few weeks ago so have been learning photography and enjoying it GREATLY! That's another thing I need to find some time for.

I guessed you'd have been busy. I agree allergies have been worse than usual this year.

I have been eating these Kind Almond Walnut Macadamia Protein bars for a while. They are pretty tasty and, at 15G of carbs, are quite a bit less than the average muffin? We get boxes of them @ Whole Foods.

Started the new job already ??
My main complain too !! ...Conferences and other reasons to eat hotel meals Having been ( a long time ago )in the Food Industry I think that Conference organizers Can and Should suggest alternatives for those as you described .
I attended a CDA Advocacy event : re Insulin Pumps for over 19 in Victoria with the Provincial Government/Opposition 2 weeks ago ...available at the 5.30 pm meeting was gluten free food as well . The AM meal and Lunch were in my mind well thought off ...choose carbs ( or not )/choose proteins as many/or less as one liked/needed ...serving staff very obliging .