24 hours without Diabetes

If you had a full day, 24 hours, without Diabetes what would you do?
Where would you go?
What would you eat?
Who would you visit?
Would you run a marathon, swim for miles, hike a mountain, go to the movies and binge on popcorn, soda, and candy?
What would you do if you had 24 hours Diabetes free???

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like without diabetes?
I do, so I’ve been wondering what I would do if I had a whole day in which I didn’t have to think about Diabetes, or suffer the consequences of not thinking about it.
I’m still thinking about this, but thought I’d post it and see what you all have to say.

I don’t think i’d be the same person without diabetess!! everyone knowss me as the diabetic alwayss attached to my pump!! If i had a day without diabetes i would just be happy not having to worry about checking my blood sugar and just eat without bolusing and counting carbs!
I think i would go to the mall and eat from all the different options in the food court, ohh + skittles and sweedish fish!
ANd i would also dance like all day without taking breakss!!!


I probably would splurge a little on what I ate, but I think I would still check my blood all the time just to see normal BGs no matter what I did. Because nothing would make me happier than seeing that, I think.

It would be just such a relief not to calculate carbs, poke the fingers and thinking about shots…just that alone would make my day! I don’t think I would do anything else different because I do not cut short on things because I am diabetic. I go on all day hikes and I if I want popcorn I eat it anyways.:wink: i am not the marathon type so that won’t bother me;)

Oh man, I would eat the carbiest food I could find and marvel at my awesome numbers of awesome!

It would be great to have a day of no pills. No stomach aches from the pills. I would eat a big pancake breakfast, go for a long all day bike ride and have an ice cold beer and then I would go to bed and get a full night of sleep without worrying about going low in the middle of the night

I don’t think I would change much really because I’m really enjoying how I have been feeling. I would still hit the gym. The night crew there would probably put in a missing person report if I was a no show. I would do walk or run depending which day it was. I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY have a large sicillian pizza and all the real Pepsi I could consume. So yeah I would cheat on the junk a little lol

Alisha, It would be a dream come true. First I’d have a dinner party invite friends and family- eat anything and everything.
Carbs- pasta, rice, pepsi, and snicker bars. maybe compete in a marathon and go to new York’s chinatown.

And soft pretzels…I havent had one since July. I would have many. I would spend the 48 hours after my 24 hours trying to burn all the carbs off lol

Me and you Mikey … I’d eat a pizza by myself and chug a few Margaritas .lol.

Joanne - I forgot! I would definitely go to a bar and drink cocktails till I pass out lol Thinking about that sunrise one from Chili’s…had it once and my BC went near 400…

If I could live that dream, I will go to the best “Pâtisserie” of my town and eat those splendid cakes that I see … and maybe go to the cinéma and eat a big popcorn. And it will be a so nice day without insulin, needles, hypos and highs… But a dream gets an end.

Hmmm… I may not over indulge on too much food (very tepting though =)) since it will still go somewhere and cause weight gain the day after… But I would love to go my favorite food place…order some Chinese food and nibble on some varieties of sweets. Anything with chocolates please…=)

I’ve got to say this …sorry before I start…I was one of the lucky few to get a pancres transplant and take a “vacation” from this life for 2 years the only thing was this was done back in the 90’s when it was still considered expermintal I was WORSE at checking my bg and oh at the pills I had to take 4 times a day sometimes 5! S[ent more time in the hospital than out, had 2 small girls at home that my mom got to raise for 2 years, then after 7 different rejection episodes finally rejected the pancres got the diabetes back FAST! In other words I thought to myself I had rather have diabetes and all it entails than be “normal”

Sorry just had to get that one off my chest, PLEASE forgive me for my long rant. Thought I was helping to find a cure and it still came back. I was doing it for the next generation with my kids in mind the whole time and now my oldest is a Type 1 like me and won’t even talk about the possibilty of a transplant… Me either I’m pumping now and was before. I’ll keep this and hold a proud banner to say I have it anytime over what I went through then! Oh by the way I got diabetes at 10 and am now 46 years old . Life is great and I’m here to enjoy it!!! Everyone here has that dream but alast there is no cure for diabetes although theres been quite alot of change in it since the early 70’s.

24 hours of true freedom! I would eat , of course, the things I have learned to live without…bags of sweedish fish and a loaf of still hot french bread!
I would run up to my son and hug him without worrying if he was going to hit his head on my pump- which i clip to my bra.
I would also stay late somewhere with him running around the playground and not have to worry if I brought “snacks” or glucose tablets.
I would jump in the car without sticking my finger. I would not worry about what is going to happen to me when I am old…really old and who is going to make sure I am ok.
I would be free to run out of the house with only my car keys!
The real bummer would be next day- when it all came back!

Where would you go? Either the beach or a golf course.
What would you eat? Brownies
Who would you visit? my two nieces in VA that just moved away
Would you run a marathon, swim for miles, hike a mountain, go to the movies and binge on popcorn, soda, and candy?
What would you do if you had 24 hours Diabetes free??? I would walk a 18 hole golf course, par every other hole, without a care in the world of bgs bottoming out. I would play my best game, because my bgs would be stable. The other thing I would do is walk the beaches of the Gulf in FL for miles running into the water every 1/2 hour to swim without worrying about my pump or bloodsugars.

There may or may not be others here that would do this, but given an entire day without this disease, I doubt I’d do much of anything differently. I would enjoy not having to constantly check my bg, though I might anyway, just to see the perfect numbers…

I believe I would pray for those that still have it, and for those who will get it in the future. I would pray for their families and their friends, and then I would pray that God would show me a way to make it up to one very special young lady for all the years she endured my horrible mood swings, tolerated my highs and lows, and still managed to make me feel like the most important part of her life… Right up until that day in May of 1992 when she left, because she’s had enough.

That’s what I would do, and I’m sorry to unload that on here, but that was my long rant… thankyou for reading.

Funny you should put this posting up just now! I recently had our old home movies (the kind on reels from the 1960’s) dubbed to DVDs. I spent part of this afternoon looking at my pre-diabetic self (I was diagnosed at the age of 16.) I realized that over the decades I’ve totally forgotten what life without Type I was like. I know I had such a life, but it seems SO long ago. I think that (on the plus side) having diabetes has taught me to make better food choices. I really think that if I had that day without diabetes I’d want to go for a VERY long hike (my favorite recreation) without bringing a blood glucose meter along. I’d enjoy going to bed without thinking about what my blood glucose will do while I’m asleep, and whether my CGMS would catch it. I am truly the same person I was without diabetes, but indeed this 24/7, 365 days-a-year, lifetime illness is getting a bit OLD!