670g and Hormones Don't Mix

I’ve posted previously about how frustrating it is using the 670g when certain life factors come in to play, ie. hormonal changes, stress, etc. but have yet to find a solution I like to keep the blood sugars at bay in the morning. I’m still getting high after breakfast during these times so I’m going to try and give a larger carb bolus (maybe fake 5 grams) after breakfast to see how that works. If anyone else has been able to tackle this and have any ideas let me know, I’ll update everyone on my findings.

I don’t have a 670g but have a Medtronic 723.

I have the same problem. Woke up this morning with a BG of 125 (both Dexcon and BG meter). At my target. Ate only 30C for breakfast. Lowered my carb ratio to 6.5. And I am sitting here at 230 4hours later. Think I have periods of high BG and periods of low BG. When I have periods of low BG I take 1.10 as a basal but today I used a temp basal of 1.35 and still need to go much higher. I have been as high as 1.60 for a breakfast basal and looks like a will have to go there again.

Can’t help you but I am experiencing the same right now.

I can’t to have found a solution yet, but one thing I have found that seems to (at least somewhat, I still haven’t eliminated them) have helped with my morning spikes is modifying the Carb Ratios for breakfast. Something else I have noticed is that if I get up even a little bit earlier (9:30 instead of 10:15) has improved it, although I haven’t had a lot of time to test this for more than about a week. My morning spikes have always come down, my primary goals for the spike were lowering the peak (it used to peak at around 350, the peak is now around 200, definitely an improvement) and shortening the time before the end of the spike. I’m not quite sure what to do to make it come down faster, since I can’t control how fast the insulin works. I’ve heard some people suggest prebolusing, which I think has worked, but that was before I had Auto Mode (I was still using the 530G at that point), not to mention I sometimes have trouble remembering to do them. So I haven’t found a solution yet, but maybe the prebolus thing can help you more than it did me.

Pre-bolusing is the most underutilized trick to eliminate spikes. I guess could be a problem with the 670g. If you pre-bolus you won’t let your spikes go very high. With a prebolus the insulin works on taking you BG down first, then on the food you ate. The higher your BG the longer you should pre-bolus as there is more BG to take down.

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Hi @njsokalski thanks for your reply! I’ve tried prebolusing as well and when it’s “that time” it doesn’t help a bit. I usually try to prebolus a little anyway which works great when I’m not a hormonal mess.

I’m going to try this as well, thanks!