Still unsure

Well. My first sensor was put in on the 19th of Sept. On the 23rd I got those ??? for about 2 hours. On and off I kept getting the ??? just not as long, but my numbers were way off like the first day. Friday I tried to re start the sensor, but my numbers were still way off. So this morning I put a new sensor in. The first was on my stomach, this ones on my inner thigh.So, I'm thinking my sensor went bad with that long duration of ???. If I don't have good results this time,I'm done.

The Dexcom 7 is warrantied for seven days. I have been told that if a sensor fails before 7 days, and they are notified, they will send a replacement. I called when a sensor failed and received a new one within two days.

Antonia, I too have just started with the Dexcom 17 days ago, and like you, I had very similar problems beginning on the 5th day -- "???" appeared 4 or 5 times within 12 hours and when readings did appear, they were way off from my meter's reading. So I called the 800 Dexcom number and explained what had been happening. I expected a lot of flack from the service rep based upon my 2 year experiences with Medtonic's reps when I had problems with their sensors. However, the Dexcom rep was extremely nice and sent me another sensor which I received the next day. I inserted another sensor. The first day, I have found, had some readings that were off, but the sensor's readings improved significantly after that. There is a 20/20 rule that is mentioned in the instruction booklet for when numbers are different. You might want to check that out. I found that to be helpful for me.

Also, I wear my sensor on my tummy as well, and I sleep on my stomach many times. So I figured that would affect the readings at least some (it did with Medtonic's sensors.) So far I have noticed no big discrepancies between Dexcom sensor and my meter.

After my bad experiences with Medtronic's sensors, I was very doubtful about the Dexcom, but Dexcom has been quite accurate for me. I test my blood sugar 14-15 times a day. Therefore, I have lots of data to prove its accuracy for me. I am impressed, and that's hard to do for me.

Also, I live where it is very hot (110-115) in the summer. I have ordered different types of tape and also Skin Tac to experiment with to see which is best for me. Several people on TuDiabetes have recommended these tapes, and different ones work better for different folks. Since I perspire a lot, I have concerns that the sensor will fall off of me. In a few weeks when it's a little coolr, I'll be working outside doing very heavy yard work. Hopefully, after experimenting with the different tapes, I'll find one that will make the sensor adhere. I don't know if that is a concern for you, but thought I'd mention it.

Hope this helps. I know that it is very frustrating to have the sensors not work as that is what happened to me with Medtronic and that's why I changed to Dexcom. My advice would be to keep trying, but it's easier said than done since it made me a nervous wreck when the Medtronic sensors wouldn't work.

I have to have a CGM that works to notify me of low BS since I have extreme lows & highs with hypoglycemic unawareness. I must have a CGM that will work especially at night, and Dexcom has done so thus far. Good luck with yours.

Antonia. stick with it you will be so happy. The Dexcom rep's when you phone are so helpful and will replace get get you items out ASAP. They call me on a call list for supplies and shipment and let me know when the date of arrival will be. I use my stomach due to limited area's I'm very thin. Stay on site there are many people that have years of experience I've only had mine 6 months, I would never part with my Dexcom.

Are things going better with the different sensor? Sure hope so. Let us all know, please.

Yes, so far so good. I put this sensor on Sunday and I'm loving it. My numbers matched up for the most part since Sunday. I love looking at the Dex and knowing where I'm at. I still check my sugars here and there (besides calibration and eating) just to make sure. So I figure either my sensor was bad or my tummy is not a good place to put it.

Great to hear! Glad things have improved for you.

My guess your senor was bad. I have used my tummy all but the application on my arm which rubbed my bone in the night when I rolled. I've never had an issue with my stomach. So happy things are going well and you love it as much as we Dexcom users do!