Problems with Dexcom 7+ Sensors

Hi everyone! I am new here and recently (a little over a month ago) got a Dexcom 7+. I absolutely love it! It is very acurate, easy and painless to insert, and calibrating and starting up are a breeze. My only problem is that of the 4 sensors I have inserted 3 of them have given me a failed sensor before the seven days. Each time I called Dexcom. They have replaced all the sensors. The first time I called they didn’t offer to send me a new sensor but the second time I called and the lady sent me two to replace the first one. The first two failed sensors failed around day 5 and the most recent one that failed today failed on day two. When I spoke with technical support they had said that recently they have been having problems with sensors failing and they are working really hard to get the problem fixed. I am wondering if any of you seven + users have experienced recent increases in failed sensors? Is there anything I can do to prevent sensors from failing? I use an omnipod too and I was wondering if it might have to do with the fact that I also use my stomache for my omnipod. I always keep the two on opposite sides of my abdomen and recently I have been using my arms a lot for the pods. Any tips would be great as I am real new to this CGM thing! Thanks so much!


The failed sensors will be replaced. we received 3 from a batch of 12. I let the 3rd “bad” sensor wet for 12 hours and it works, but they replaced it too since it should not have done this to begin with. The replacement sensors are great. Almost everyone who got the bad batch had problems and so they just need to be replaced.
It is not normal, and is the first time we had a bad batch in over a year of use. We also use the omnipod and have switched to sensors on the arms and the pods everywhere else!

if you get another failure, simply call and have them replace them. Sorry you are starting with the batch that had so many errors! It is not normal to have issues with the sensors though! The replacements take care of that issue!


Where on the arm do you put the sensor? The back of the upper arm? How hard is to attach the sensor without help?

We are fairly new to Dexcom use in this household. We have had a problem with the Receiver (determined by the Dexcom tech) and it still has not been working properly. Dexcom tech looked at last week’s data and are now sending as a new transitter. If that doesn’t work, they will send a new Receiver again. If you have a problem with Dexcom personnel replacing a failed sensor, just hang up, call back and get another tech on the line. Dexcom will replace any sensor that fails within seven days. Dexom has had a problem with a portion of sensors manufactured during a certain date (Oct. 2009, possibly Sep.2009). I thought they had fixed the problem (hope so, as we just got our new three month supply). I am very impressed with the technical support we have received and it is clear that Dexcom stands behind their product. Though it is a PITA, particularly with a child, when the sensors fail and you have to reinsert. In our case, the sensors are working, just 50 percent of the time, which is still better than nothing. I would try different locations when inserting the Dexcom, as you may have better luck on one area of your body than another. I would definitely try to place the sensor in a different location than those you are using for your pump sites. We were told this during training.