Stomach ache and vomiting

Hi all! My 5-year-old daughter, diagnosed on March 17, complained of stomach ache off and on when she came back from school. I gave her prelunch insulin and then she sat down to eat her lunch. But, she wasn’t able to eat a lot and threw up. I immediately gave her sugar water to prevent her from dropping because of insulin. I tried to feed her again, but she vomited again. I tested ketones; but, they came back negative.

I reached out to her endo. He has suggested an antacid and another medicine to stop the vomiting. Considering I am dealing with sickness first time post diagnosis, are there any tips/best practices I should keep in mind?

Push fluids, preferably clear. Small, frequent sips. Generally, 1 ounce per year of age per hour. Preventing dehydration is a must. Younger children can become dehydrated very quickly.

Keep a close watch on BG & ketones. We check every 2 hours during illness.

Stay in close contact with your endo.

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there’s a good chart here

Dr. Stephen Ponder’s sick day video is worth watching as well.

it sounds like you are handling it fine, work out how many sugar carbs for the bolus insulin as well as sipping plain water for hydration.

some more info, Sick day rules