Stopping and Restarting Sensor for Accuracy?

I started a new sensor on Friday night. It hasn’t been terribly accurate, but it’s the only one I have (getting new ones in a few days), so I kept it in, because it’s better than nothing. It has, though, normally been fairly decent.

However, this morning, at around 5:30 or so, I wake up, and it tells me I’m 50. I think, I really don’t feel low. So I test my sugars on my monitor, and I’m 288. I wash my hands (just in case), and I’m 293. I enter these in and I give myself insulin, so when I test on my meter a little later, I’m 235 or something, but my Dex says I’m 326 and going up. (Has anyone ever had this happen? Any reasons why it might happen?)

At this point, I stop the sensor and restart it. My thinking for this is that it will wipe out any inaccuracies I might have caused by entering in bad blood sugars or calibrating at a bad time. (I would have just put a new sensor in, but I won’t get one for a few more days.) I also called up Dexcom, and they told me I should just wait and see how it goes. They also told me that stopping the sensor and restarting it won’t do any good.

However, since I restarted the sensor, it’s actually been working fairly well. (Obviously, I waited until my sugars were steady before entering bgs.) For the first few hours, it kept telling me I was going up, when my meter told me I was fine. But, since then, it’s been somewhat accurate.

Sorry, this has been kind of rambling, but my question is: Has anyone stopped and restarted a sensor and has that helped? Tech support said it wouldn’t, but it seems to have. It seems logical that, if I’ve entered in too many sugars or I calibrated when I was going up/down and didn’t realize it, stopping and restarting would clear out all the weird sugars it remembers. Does it?

yes…this just happened to me…i have never had that happen before where the Dexcom was trending the wrong way…sensor was then not reading anything and then said it was “error failure”…so instead of removing, i just restarted, and bingo, working perfect for the last 3 days…would love to learn more about how Dex is basically doing its calibrations, and why they said restarting the sensor would not work…you need to go direct to some body smarter and possiblly higher up with your issues, …just because not sure the dexcom support people know all the details about the sensor

I’ve gotten so frustrated with dexcom I’ve restarted it also. Looking back though, it probably the timing of my calibration inputs that caused the problems. I’ve read, and agree, never calibrate on a moving blood sugar! Because Dexcom lags your finger stick BG by about 15 mintues, when your BG is moving, Dexcom’s program can’t account for that. I’ve also noticed that if I input a BG that is significantly different than what Dex is is measuring, it asks for another. This double entry in effect, resets the programing.

I have had it happen when I am dehydrated or if I lay on the sensor while sleeping for a couple hours.