Strange behavior

Hi all,

I have been told that when my sugars go low I do weird things!

eg: I have thrown things at people, once I was found in the garden in my underwear trying to feed my Dog €50, my GF at the time came out and tried to get me to put trousers on and I just tried to put the money on and fell over. I have also been told that I sleep eat when my sugars are low during the night, which I find strange.

Anyone else do weird things or have a funny story?

It is good to laugh at our antics and at our diabetes! Otherwise, where would we be? I have been LO (below 1.1mmols) and cannot remember HOW to eat, or what and I have been known to try kitchen paper, which of course did nothing for me. I have hypo unawareness and also know the sleep eating - I only know when I wake with the taste of whatever it was that I was eating in my mouth - and the state of the kitchen or the number of broken packets of biscuits!

I have been known to take packets of something sweet in the local supermarket and start to eat before I get to the checkout. They are used to me now. I have eaten some strange things and “come to” with open packets of sugar cubes, sweets that I do not even like … but I always pay for what I take - only once not having the money to pay for it!

Ha ha I thought it was just me! My mother used to think it was just an excuse for eating all her sweets. I’m normally fine when I’m awake, I know what is happening but when I’m asleep its a different story.

I somehow have trained my brain to make my feet take me to my husband when I am low. He works from home and has moved his office to the main floor. He says I walk into his room holding my pump and mumbling. He keeps glucose tabs on his desk and I sit on his lap and eat them according to him. He’s a light sleeper too.

Good think I’ve only had one treatable low in the last 6 months!


I generally am dreaming about food before I wake up with a hypo - working in a hot kitchen or serving it but unable to get anything to eat myself! The wake up in a sweat!

During the night I also dream that i am low and when i wake up i am really low ;()


If you check out the group strange behavior, you will find some comfort.

There was also a discussion here about the wierdest thing you have eaten when your bg was low, or perhaps it progressed to that. I couldn’t find it, though. Someone woke when they were eating dog food in a cereal bowl with milk.

I have awakened with my roommates oreo cookie crumbs in my teeth. I hate oreos. I have also awakened sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor eating left over cold spaghetti. You are not alone, my friend.

Oh my goodness. The stories I could tell. I once scared the crapola out of my teenage brother-in-law bcuz I went into shock at my husband’s families house. They were holding me down on the floor trying to get me to drink orange juice. He was impressed with my super-human strength! :slight_smile: Thank God I had told my husband what to do if that ever happened. He’s saved my life many times, once while I was pregnant. I once got up and went into the kitchen looking for something to eat and took a coffee cup and threw it as hard as I could and made a huge dent in the linoleum floor. My mother was not happy about that, but happy that I was alive. I started up a friend’s car that was in our driveway and drove a few feet and then shut it off. When I am that low now, I will get nausous and refuse to eat, even though my husband tries to get me to eat. He tries to reason with me, but that obviously won’t work. We are all weird from time to time! It’s the nature of our disease.

It’s so cool that you have been able to do that! Wow!

Once when I was low the phone rang and I picked up the remote and pointed it at the TV. My husband said “It’s not the TV it’s the phone.” Thank God my husband is a light sleeper, many times I have woke and got up to go to the bathroom and just wander around, or stand there confused. He always wakes up and gets me some OJ. I used to resist him when he’d try to get me to drink OJ, but I’ve trained my brain to trust him and drink when he tells me to.

I could go on for ages with all the things I’ve done while low. Shall we say it brings out my argumentative side & I have real authority issues at all times but especially when low.

I frequently draw on the bedroom wall & climb into the wardrobe. Sometimes at the same time. Recently I was arguing at some length with the black & white cat sat in the bedroom doorway. It was sat in the way & I needed the bathroom, urgently. I carried on at this cat for several minutes, apparently. The problem? I do not own a cat. Neither does anyone in my block. I maintain that it was a ghostly cat with whom I was conversing. It makes the usual routine of twitching thrashing & screaming almost bearable.

Most of my strange behavior happens when I’m woken in an insulin reaction. Once my partner woke me up because I was low. I got up and was sure, absolutely sure, that we were being shipped out to Afghanistan. I was drinking the juice and still in the throes of it. I was drinking the juice and asking, “Okay, so what’s the plan? What do we need to do next?” My other more funny than not was again he woke me because I was low and I got up, went into the kitchen and started to cut things up for gazpacho.

Sadly, I can’t laugh at all. There’s nothing funny about my experiences…
I did some things that are simply stupid, like putting the remote control into our fridge, washing my hands with gloves still on, or pouring the milk into a glass of water instead of my bowl with cereals, wearing my shirt inside out and the tag to the front for half a day without noticing, but that’s only one side of it.

On the more serious side, I tend to do things I later regret. I shout at people, insult them, throw stuff around, tear things (some of them important!) or act overly whiny. I think, I should be grateful that these things don’t happen too often.
What happens more frequently is that I get really depressed.

In many cases, nothing interesting or unusual happens. But if so, it’s not exactly funny most of the times.
Maybe there are a lot more funny things happening than I actually recall but it’s not easy to remember them if they’re overshadowed by negative experiences.

At least you were productive! Though I would not recommend any cutting and chopping, or cooking when hypo, but then again, I guess we do not know what we were doing! Talking of which, I think I might need to do a test!

Yep. I know those times too. I get ratty with people. I am a Christian which makes it bad too. I spend a lot of time going round apologising to people because I have been hypo and got stressed about things that would not normally bother me, and my language can be atrocious! I do not tear things though. But I am frightfully untidy in the kitchen during a hypo and then am too tired to do anything about it!

Depression is a bummer! I have it too.

Sorry to hear you have bad experiences, but if you think about it most of the stories here could be seen in that way also. People i’m close too or have been close too have often told me that I have done something really bad and have said hurtful things to them. What I find best to do with people close to you is just sit them down or casually bring up in conversation that these things happen and its not intentional and they will hopefully understand.

It has only been pointed out to me that I do these things in the last few years as unfortunately my glucose levels are normally high and hasn’t been noticed but I just apologize and people understand this because they know what i’m normally like.

I have also experienced and still do experience depression with this and with diabetes in general but I just choose stay positive and I find this helps most of the time. Not really sure what else to say but if you need to talk I find this site is great for it as were all in the same boat. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is helpful if you have understanding friends. Unfortunately there are some, even in my church who delight in telliing me what a bad person I am (based on hypos!), and some are so ratty themselves that they blow their stacks at a wrong facial expression! And that coming from a fellow diabetic!

Wow I wouldn’t have expected that from other diabetics. All the diabetics I know are in my family and know what its like. I do know one other diabetic my age and we generally look out for each other. I’ve helped her out once or twice and she has for me.

I have heard stories of people frowning on disabilities, It’s just human nature to be weary of differences.

I caused a bit of panic when I picked up the knife and a shallot. He convinced me to go for the juice first. Once done with the juice I realized we didn’t have any tomatoes. I probably should have mentioned that earlier, huh? I figure if a man can argue with a black and white cat that isn’t there, my tomatoes rather pale in comparison. I know when I’ve been beat.

Good stories Pete.I do find it strange that I was never once warned about stuff like this. Where you?