Strange cartridge experience

I had a weird experience this morning. I changed my set yesterday morning and had good numbers all day and evening. I went to bed at 125. Then I woke up this morning and I was 370! What?? I think that's the highest I've ever woken up to! So I took a shot to start it down and changed my set.

When I pulled out the cartridge I saw that the insulin was down a significant amount in the top, near the needle, there was an empty space. I've never seen that before! However, much is left, it the insulin is always at the top! No wonder I was high! When I looked at the amount on the screen and what was left when I drew it up, it also seemed like less.

Anyone ever had that problem before? I thought for a minute I didn't push the plunger up when I filled it but then I wouldn't have been fine for all those hours yesterday. Weird one!

Maybe the tubing attachment wasn't screwed on tightly or it was bad tubing or cartridge & air got in at the connection. Did you see air bubbles in the tubing?

I've never seen that. I usually have a bubble or two in the cartridge when I change it but mainly on the bottom above the plunger.

Thanks, Annabella. I didn't check for air bubbles in the tubing as the problem was very evident. Yes, a couple bubbles seem normal to me, but this was way beyond air bubble. I'd say the cartridge was empty to about the 40 unit mark!

Yeah, maybe it wasn't screwed on right and the insulin came out. I'd rather lose 40 units to the universe than inside me!

While this is somewhat unlikely at this point, I'll float this idea out of an abundance of caution.

There were several lot numbers of reservoir cartridges produced by Animas which were recalled due to leakage. The symptoms you report are (somewhat) similar to what was seen in these cartridges. You can view the official Animas release here:

While the affected cartridges were manufactured more than a year ago, they still pop-up occasionally in the Real World. You might check and see if you just found one of the defectives. :)

You should definitely call Animas and report the issue. As Roark said they have had a recall due to leakage and it sounds like your cartridge leaked. Even if your cartridge wasn't from one of the affected lots, you may have identified a new problem. Good luck.

Thanks guys. I checked and mine cartridge box wasn't one of the lot numbers listed. I've used other cartridges from this box without a problem, but I'll watch carefully now to make sure it doesn't happen again and if it does, I'll definitely call!

Zoe, if you have the time, I'd call Animas about this problem, someone else may already have reported a similar problem. The Animas support people are always so helpful & they like to know about & document any strange pump occurrences.

Ok, you guys have awakened my social conscience. I wouldn't want someone else to have the problem and not catch it before suffering consequences.

Animas line was too busy so I just reached a message service and they will report the problem to them. I didn't give the box lot # but I gave my name and # so they can check which cartridges they last sent me or call me if they have questions.

Just in case anyone else thinks they might have a similar problem, the Lot # is B201775. But as I said I've used several cartridges from this box already with no problem, so don't worry too much if you have the same lot unless you actually see a problem.