Strange Readings

Hello folks I have a question.
My glucose reading was 98 before lunch and my reading four hours after was 145.
The problem is I only had one slice of bologna and cheese with a small amount of canned chille. It just seems like an awfuly big jump for that small amount of food.
I could be wrong as I wasn’t exactly counting carbs but is this something to fret about.
I mean it’s over a twenty point difference.
My average of three readings was only 111 so maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill here. or either that my meter is wacked. I don’t know. So I would greatly appreciate any insight anyone could offer me to put my mind at ease.
Thank you

Hi David,

Anything with carbs will raise your bloodsugar and canned chili probably has about 20 carbs per serving and if you ate a whole can you perhaps ate 40 carbs or more. Fat from the bologna and cheese will raise your bgs 2-4 hours later.

I notice you do not take medications so to avoid this rise you might want to exercise after you eat.

Usually 15 carbs for me raises my bgs about 40-50 points.

By the way I would kill for your outcomes. :wink: but I have quite a few Type 2 friends that get all nervous when their bgs goes above 100 and they think 120 is high ;).

Hope this helps.


Thanks karen
I didn’t know that bologna and cheese could raise my levels that far after eating but as I only had a small amount of chille it would only stand to reason that it was the sandwich.
I am going to go for a walk about in a bit and recheck before dinner and see how we do after that.
I need to be more aware of portion sizes and counting carbs I know but this one just threw me for a loop.
145 is not that bad but it was the difference in points that got me. Thank you so much for your input. I think this website will prove to be a valuable tool for me.

You will be suprise about what you will eat that will raise your blood sugars. Cheese along is 0.5 to 1 carb and depending on what kind of bologna is 1 carb. May I suggest to you if you haven’t already done so to get the Calorie King Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate counter you can get it at it’s a great carb counter book

you said the word “sandwich” so it wasn’t just bologna and cheese, but the bread too! all of those are carbs. getting the calorie king book is the way to go, and you need to really start adding those carbs up.

Hey, and that chile - did it have any beans in it? 1 cup of chili with beans has 28 carbs in it!