Strange Readings?

Question for the diabetics out there,
Today before lunch I test my sugar from my left index finger and it was 420, I thought this was high so I retested in the next finger down, my left middle finger and got 271. Only cause there was a big diffence I tested my left ring finger and it was 192. So I was woundering is you sugar different in different places and if so why?

Lately I have been running high like in the high 100’s low 200’s
Can someone help me understand this?

If I test twice in a row, usually it is different, but not that vast of a difference. The only time that actually happened to me was when I made a pitcher of OJ, from the frozen concentrate. I tested and was 24.1 (434), which I knew was impossible. So I washed my hands and retested and it was 5.1 (92). So I must have gotten some of the concentrate on my hands. I never wash my hands before testing…but this made me start.

Hello David! Blood sugar tests can be really sensitive to anything that might be on your skin (like small amounts sugar, milk, cheese …) . If you are seeing this big of a difference, this could likely be the reason. Two recommendations:

  1. Wash and dry your hands before testing (even if they are clean)
  2. Use the second drop of blood: I usually squeeze the first drop out, wipe it off, then test with the second because there is a lower chance that the second drop will have other “stuff” in it.

See this discussion for more info!

(I should confess that I always use the second drop of blood, but I don’t always wash my hands!!)

Thank you for the other discussion, and the trick in using the 2nd blood i will have to try that. I don’t always wash my hands, but I do use the alcohol prep pads. Sometimes I wash after getting blood before eating and sometimes when I think about it before, but must of the time I use the prep pad. Usally I don’t test multiple times but that was really high so thats why I rechecked.