Strange results from glucose test

I almost have pre-diabetes (A1c of 5.6%) and I bought a Tru Metrix meter to test my blood as I try to make lifestyle improvements that might help keep me from becoming diabetic.

This morning I got a scary high reading first thing in the morning so I repeated the test 3 more times as shown, all in succession over a 5 minute or so period of time. I had not eaten. All were fresh sticks. I did not re-squeeze a stick

  1. 185 (stick ring finger on my right hand)
  2. 108 (stick ring finger on my left hand)
  3. 149 (stick ring finger on my right hand)
  4. 112 (stick ring finger on my left hand)

I then used number 1 and number 2 test solutions to test the strips, and both passed which supposedly means the strips and meter are working properly. (I don’t have test solution 3 at this time.)

What might I be doing wrong to cause these inconsistent results? Tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.



That your left/right hand was different I really don’t know except that maybe something was on your right hand? You had touched something before you were testing?


Probably nothing, it could be that it’s just not a very good glucometer. That would be my guess. Make sure your hands are clean but free of lotions etc. and that the strips have not expired.

I have a recent A1c that is 5.7, and the direction of that test has only been up not down, unfortunately. I use a Contour next EZ and I’m pleased with it. No, the results are not airtight, but close enough.

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+1 with @Marie20’s suggestion you had something on your right hand. Wash them (both) well and retest.


I remember testing blood with several meters on both hands and they were all significantly different. It was soooooo frustrating as we are already cognizant of the fact that our CGM can be off and rely on blood sticks to give us the right answer. That all changed when I switched to the Contour Next meter. For me that was the solution. I would never trust another meter.

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This meter is not providing reliable readings. Testing in different hands should not produce this level of difference in results. It might be off by less than 10 points, not 20, not 80.

Why not working?

Did you calibrate the meter? Sometimes they come with calibration solution. Sometimes that solution can be purchased separately. Sometimes you get a bad batch of strips. The fluid is mean to test the strips. Perhas the thing was sitting on the shelf for many years at Walgreens or got too cold during a long truck transport to the store.

But, I’m concerned that it is just a bad brand of meter. Is it listed here? I see some brands that start with the word TRUE. Do you recognize these? These fail FDA standards last time they were tested. Who is the manufacturer? Is it a company called HDI/Nipro?

This morning I washed my hands with soap and water first and tried each hand.
Right Hand – 107
Left Hand – 111

I will keep testing both hands for a while, and always wash them right before the test.

The meter is “True Metrix Air” made by Trivida Health. It appears to be also sold as a CVS model, but not the CVS model on the link that mohe0001 sent. This model is not on the list of models tested on that link. It does not have a calibration solution, but it does have test solutions and I have two of them – the low range and middle range. I don’t have the high range. You test with the solution instead of blood and and the reading must fall between levels that are shown on the test strip vial. Both of mine passed.

Thanks for everybody’s advice and help. I will post what I find, but I am hoping that hand washing will solve the problem. I will also compare it to some other models with side by side readings if I can.

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The only other model worth testing against is the current gold standard of glucose meters the Contour Next by Bayer. That way at least you know that you are testing against a 100% compliant meter. Certainly sounds like hand washing, however, was your issue.

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If one of your hands is colder than the other it also impacts circulation, which is why I always wash / rinse with the hottest water I can stand (improves blood flow)