Stress and Sugars

Does anyone else get elevated sugars when they are stressed?

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Oh yes, it can be intense for me too. I find that when I'm stress with work or life challenges my bg's can elevate 50 or even 150 points. It important to go for a walk as this mild aerobic exercise is good for my mind as well as relieves the stress and actually activates healthy chemicals in the brain that help realign my bg to normal levels.

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Absolutely. When I'm super stressed I'm very resistant to insulin.

White knuckle driving on the expressway or throughway does it every time. Stress hormones trigger a liver dump, can be very hard to get back on top of too.

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It sucks when that happens. My readings were great and I got stressed at work and had to scream at someone and they jumped up 50+

You bet! I saw it pretty dramatically this weekend when I went to the theater to see alone Survivor. I started out about 100 and ended about 280. No popcorn involved. I wouldn’t have believed it if I did not see it with my own eyes. Gary Scheiner talks about it in his book.

WOW. That's a rough one.

Stress in one of the things that causes my BG to go up. Another thing is that some foods take longer to affect you BG. My Dr. said that chocolate can take 6 to 8 hours to register its affect as an example. I have had spikes long after I thought things were accounted for. The main thing is not to PANIC I had problems and overcompensated causing a See Saw affect of spikes and valleys which are very difficult on the body. Remember it takes about 2 hours literally to change your BG significantly. So if you make a correction allow time for it to go into effect. Another thing that causes change is infections like colds or flu.

Hell yeah! I try to exercise when I am feeling stressed, which usually addresses the bg issue.

Absolutely, In fact my BG always drops 50+ after I leave work. This does not happen on the weekend. It's real

I believe this is commonly called "Fight or Flight mode" All folks do it, the body dumps more into the system to handle a tough situation, making us ready to fight our way out or run like a banshee. They say it's from our "caveman" days where the extra energy was very useful in times of need. Of course Non-diabetics can handle the extra glucose the body produces in this, but we T1's don't have the luxury. Nor is there a way to measure how much we need to handle this every time, so it's a big deal. Stress stinks.

Definitely. Anger or anxiety or even a good cry…I like what was written about not over reacting during those times, into seesaw land. I can so easily carry emotions into decisions around insulin dose when a finger stick that reads high adds to my already not feeling okay self…reasonable rational responses. Right. Glad for each day a new beginning.:slight_smile:

Stress is the whole reason I am waiting on insurance to approve the dexcom! I have been dealing with personal issues that have been ongoing for over a year and work has gotten stressful. I am a T2 and my A1C jumped almost 3 points in 3 months! I’m hoping that with the dexcom I can get things back under control and evened out.

I liked your response because it was solution and reality oriented…when I know I’m going to have a rough time extended over hours…taxes, computer figuring out or doing something new and a little scarey, I sometimes do a temp increase in basal…

Yes and I really hate it. I recently travelled to Europe with my daughter and while not super stressed, I was a little stressed - probably due to current world events occuring - and throughout the two weeks my BS ran high. Argh! So frustrating.

Omg this happened to me also! I went to the movies to see Underwater, before it started i checked my blood at 199 and injected 8 units of R fast acting had some nachos and a few pieces of popcorn and at the end of the movie i was 283!