Stress speeding beta cell destruction?

I was diagnosed T1 in July of last year. I believe I’ve been honeymooning since; however, I’ve recently been under a significant amount of stress relating to my wife’s health. I know from experience that stress raises my glucose levels, but recently it seems my control is worse and not going back to “normal.” Does anyone know if prolonged stress triggers an increase in beta cell destruction? I’m wondering if stress has been a direct cause of ending my honeymoon phase.

Its primarily cortisol that messes you up. Let me look around for info…

Have you started using insulin yet? If not, check with doctor regarding having some on hand and when to use it. Some just use fast acting with meals or to treat high bgs. Some start with just basal (long acting).

Yes, I was on MDI starting in September and I just recently started on a pump. The pump has helped improve my control, but I’ve noticed a marked increase in my TDD

That is the trajectory of the disease. You are probably noticing extra needs due to stress. Needs that your pancreas can’t address.
I had a more classic type 1 onset where I lost my islets fast, however the first few months were nearly impossible because my body was making insulin, esp at night.
So I found I was much more stable and easier to control once I stopped making insulin

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Stress caused my need for insulin to go up 2.5 X. Once I transferred to a different organization/position, insulin went back down so fast I was having hypo episodes.

Stress is bad for all living things

I have since created a profile titled ‘Chill’ and one titled ‘Stressed’ with appropriate basal rates for both.

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