Stress/ diabetes

what is correlation between stress and diabetes

I know for me, stress causes a direct level of increased glucose levels. Stress always seems to elevate my levels but I also have those times where I do not check my level on time or get busy and skip a meal. Here is an article with some more detailed info:

I work EMS and when I am on a call and the adrenaline is going mine drops everytime… even stress makes mine drop too

If you have diabetes, you will have stress.

Meaningful stress (rapid breathing, increased heartbeat, raised BP, adrenaline coursing through you, cortisol, epinepherine, etc) the standard “Fight or Flight syndrome” will raise your bloodsugar period.

The body is prepairing to run or to fight, and that guarantees our sugar rises. If not, our species would never have survived the caveman days.

~…Sorry kitty, can’t run from you I’m healthy and having low blood sugar because that’s what happens when we humans get stress hormones dumped into us. We would be dead if so.

Stress raises our sugars as a species, as diabetics ours do not come back down without external insulin to cause it. Little stress has very little effect, true stress our hands shaking, can’t control our breathing etc is a “sugar rocket”



It can’t. We would be dead if stress caused sugar to drop!

Could the activity of the call, the insulin in our system make it absorb FASTER because circulation is so meaningfully increased? Could that cause the drop you describe, rather than the adrenaline, the cortisol, the increased O2, circulation, etc. doing it?

Two phenomina overlapping…


When I am stressed, I have a hard time controlling my blood sugar. It goes up, and I can’t bring it down unless I do some exercise, and I mean REAL exercise. Like go to the gym exercise. This is the only way for me to bring it down.

emotional stress is killer for me- especially if it’s a chronic emotional stress (for a few days in a row)
I usually end up w Dka.

I have to try my hardest to stay calm. Nothing much bothers me anymore- except I still have a few “hot” buttons that if pushed, I will scream, charge, and act irrationally. Watch out!
I can blame that on the high BG, can’t I? haha.

Depending on the intensity of the workout, sometimes I drop my BG down, and others it goes way up for about 4 hours afterward. I’ve learned that I should exercise for longer periods of time, but less intensity- because when I’m burning 500 calories per hour, my BG does NOT like me.

Ravinder, I am a type II, but I know that my biggest enemy in keeping my Bs’s down is the stress in my life. Stress causes horror-mones to be released in to your body. Insulin is a horror-mone…and it rushes to take care of the stress, like all good horror-mones do…so the more you can keep your life, stress free or moderately stress free the better off you will be. Good luck in the real world with this one.


Stress causes a hormone to be generated that affects the liver. The liver contains glucose which it releases into the blood when turned on and it wont stop until the pancreas tells it to stop. A common stress causes a very high after a very low blood sugar level. This may be caused by overeating while the low is going on. The trick here is to eat exactly 15 carbs wait 15 minutes and check your BG if not better reeat the 15 carbs again. Don’t clean out the refridg. Because it takes about 30 minutes for the carbs to work. So don’t keep eating until the low goes away or you have overeaten causing the high Dick Meade

You’re “preaching to the choir” brother, known information here… but thanks for the details again anyway. Adrenaline is my friend