Strip Cost, Pleasant Suprise

I usually end up buying a few strips when I use up what the insurance pays for. Today I was in Wally World and decided to check out the cost of the strips for the Contour Next Link meter that came with my Minimed 723.

I was fearing a higher price than for the One Touch I currently use but was instead pleasantly suprised to find them to be cheaper, quite a bit cheaper. 58 dollars for 50 of the One Touch verses 38.00 for the Contour. Heck that 20 bucks any way you count it.

Nice suprise but it makes you think. Why is One Touch so much more expensive? Is Lifescan just taking us to the cleaners?


If you are looking for an inexpensive reliable meter and strips...try Wal-Mart's Relion meters..but yes I love my One Touch but their strips are pricey if paying out of pocket.

Glad you were pleasantly surprised about the Contour. I get all my strips from Liberty I get around 600 One Touch strips every 3 months and pay around 65 for them after insurance.

yes, the 9.00 relion strips at wal-mart are great! i find the accuracy is better than my one touch meters.

Yes, I think Lifescan is just taking us to the cleaners. Roche (AccuChek) and Lifescan are neck and neck as market share leaders, and like phone companies, once you are using one brand you are unlikely to switch, so they can charge what they want as long as the insurance companies are willing to pay it.

Personally I really like the Lifescan UltraSmart meter, but if they ever stop making it and try to force customers to use the Verio I will look around at the meters offered by other companies.

Wow, really does make you think. I think it's finally time for me to switch off One Touch and maybe try the Contour.

Also, does anyone know if or when the Relion brand is available in Canada?

The production costs of test stripes are some cents. Actually the margin is that absurd that the following is more fact than fiction:

The members of TuDiabetes could create their own plant for test stripes. 4 million for development, 16 million for the plant. For every member of TuDiabetes this is an investment of 20 million / 20000 = 1000 US-dollars. Of course we would only buy our own cheaper test stripes. The price of one stripe would be twice the production costs to generate revenue. To a huge part the money would come from our own insurance companies. They will be very happy with this low pricing model. The generated revenue then will go back to us - the shareholders. A WIN-WIN-WIN situation if you ask me - even with higher investments. Just imagine more diabetics wordwide will jump on this train. The only unknown is the development in sensor technology and their price. But even for this business the low pricing of our stripes would be an incentive for aggressive pricing.

Actually, I thought the first thing when I filled my prescription for the Contour Next strips....except, then I got a letter from my insurance company saying that these strips were not covered under their first tier of prescriptions. The letter went on to say that they covered these strips as a "courtesy" this time, but next time would not cover them in full. I suspect this is why Bayer has that discount card.

I think they are ALL taking us to the cleaners. I have no idea why strips remain so expensive when the price of technology usually drops. I mean, meters were like $800 when they first became popular on the market, and now the meters themselves are dirt cheap, but the strips remain crazy expensive.

I received a letter from my insurance company saying that sometime in January I would be receiving a call about a new Contour link meter to use with my pump. They warned me about the cost of strips being higher then the ones I’m currently using (one touch ultra link). I was so disappointed to hear that the cost would be in a higher tier. I’ve been using the same meter for 6 years now. I know I need to purchase a new one but, I was waiting for this new meter only to find out now that I won’t be getting it.

Is Lifescan taking us to the Cleaners?

YES , as are All the others..

60 Min TV Show and Another On PBS with Alan Alda done a Few yrs ago..

Showing how The Big Pharma keep RENEWING their Patents to keep them active and not Expire
They are supposed to Expire every 7-10 yrs and then allow Generic's to make them..

BUT, Light at End of the Tunnel? OBAMA Care or our new NHCP that will Bring alot of this Corruption to Light and add alot more Pressure to covert Test strips to Generic

While Self Insured my 1st 10 yrs., I've been getting mine thru CANADA for yrs.. ! costing 0.25 cents each..$12.50 per 50 and $25 per 100
Ck what they are Now...

and Insurance Co.'s? Pay upto -75% Less than OTC prices! Gee, I wonder why?

BTW- Relion and Precision Test Meters and Strips? R the Same too !

$20 per 50 Relion strips..! Meter is only $10..

and That is just ONE Reason Big Pharma Doesn't want OBAMA CARE! They will have to Stop Ripping off Americans, like they have to in other Countries with a National Health Ins. Plan ...

Abbot will Complain that they will have to Lay off Thousands ! Since they won't be able to get the outrageous Prices they have over the yrs from Americans..!
Ever Been By ABBOT PARK in N. Illinois! and you will see what Those Over Priced Products they Sell has provided them ... But, they have provided Thousands of Jobs!