Student Health Insurance

I posted this question in the College group recently but so far haven’t had any replies, so I figured I’d post it here on the general forum as well. I’m sure this varies by school but to those of you who have or have had student health insurance how much of your supplies did it cover and what were your typical co-payments like? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi:) Alison. I am in the University of Missouri pool and their insurance covers pre-existing after 1 yr paid coverage. Total on prescription meds is only $1,500/school year and durable equipment allowance is only $1000/year. This means I run out of benefits in about 2 months! So…I have gotten creative and find pump supplies elsewhere and have applied for patient assistance for insulin and test strips. I am grateful that they offer some sort of coverage…just amazed that they do not negotiate better coverage given most college students are healthy. Hope yours is better:)

Wow Arielle your school has amazing coverage!

I’m somewhat confused by my school’s plans at the moment. They don’t have their drug benefit guide posted yet but I did see on the summary that the drug plan is for a maximum of $2,000 a year. Current out of pocket Diabetes expense runs me about $439 a month so if I’m understanding how it works I guess that would last a little over 4 months if I claimed everything. If I didn’t claim everything though I’m trying to figure out if I would still be saving any money in the long run with the plan. A little insurance is probably better than no insurance I guess.

Here’s one thing I don’t get. They have their medical guide posted and under “special benefits” there’s a section for Diabetic drugs, supplies, and insulin. It says “Covered, when you do not have the drug plan or your drug plan does not cover Diabetic drugs, supplies, or insulin.” What does that mean? What would be the point of the drug plan then? Confuzzeled. :\

That is great! Makes me think I need to go +$#!! to someone at the college about why they negotiated such terrible coverage!

Hey Alison:) I would call them and ask if the 2,000 is actually expense or “their” negotiated prices for the drugs. You may have more coverage than you think. You will need to have them explain the whole “special benefits”…sounds like they are trying to get around paying for some stuff if you have any other coverage. And…I agree…some coverage is definately better than none…they will have to cover you should you unfortunately have to go to the hospital…I never did, but costs are astronomical! Make sure your doctor writes scripts for everything and that he/she writes for generous amounts/month…so, you do not end up paying a lot in co-pays. BC/BS typically covers 400 or so test strips/month for intensive management…I remember when the insurance company gave me a hassle over wanting 300/month! Good luck:) and look forward to seeing other people post so we can get a sense of coverage across the nation. Would give us all real facts to go to our school administrations to advocate for better coverage.

Hi Patricia, yeah I think I’ll definitely be calling them. Some of their info just isn’t clear. I hope they post the drug benefit guide soon so then maybe I’ll have a better idea of what they’re talking about. The actual medical coverage part of their plan does look pretty good though from what I can tell. That’s great advice about having the doctor write the scripts for generous amounts. My school’s using a branch of BC/BS too so that’s good to know how many test strips they’re usually willing to cover. I wish all of our school’s offered as fantastic of coverage as Arielle’s. Hopefully at least once health care reform takes effect we’ll have some more choices to choose from. :slight_smile: