Stupid diabetes

Ok so the other day i went to my friends bday party. We ate pizza and laughed. The cake time. I went to go cheack myself. 547. What the heck. I was 68 when i first got here. Ya i snacked on chips but i made sure to bolus for that and pizza. I thought to my self. Well i decided to make the best dicision and not have any cake or ice cream. As i sit down at the table i watch while everyone else eats cake and icecream. Everyone but me. At that point i was both sad and mad. Why couldn’t i be one of the kids enjoying cake. Why was I the one that had to be diabetic. Then i rememberd something. I rememberd what my friend had told me. " Anna your the toughest person i know" Then i thought about how nick jonas does not let his diabetes slow him down. I was still a little sad but i felt better. Then it was time for bed… 64. REALLY i thought. Can’t i be good for once. I was sad and mad. I went low twic in the middle of the night but when i woke up i was 126. Hopefully i will be good today concidering i have another bday party to go to. WRONG. when we were aout to eat i checked myself. 69… ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!

Stupid diabtes.

Good for you for passing up the cake, I know that must have been really hard. Diabetes sucks, and for me the suckiest part of it is no one but another Type 1 “gets it.” I hate my diabetes every day and it is so hard to not let it control your life. You ARE a tough person to live with this crappy disease and to deal with all the frustration it slings your way.

I agree w/ junebug and Danny that it was a smart move to pass on the cake. Cake is always there but if for whatever reason your BG is out of whack, it’s probably going to be a lot more work to fix it if you had eaten it. Pizza can be hard because it seems to vary a lot from place to place? I do pretty well w/ frozen pizza that has the weight and carb counts of the serving size on the box but ordering from a restaurant (usual procedure @ birthday parties?) can be dicey. If’ I’m off by 10 or 20G of carbs, I can get my BG shooting up pretty easily and will also pass on the cake.

This “D” is tough…BUT…you are tougher. Kick it’s booty, all the time!

thx guys. last night i was 330. i was on my bed crying and scared. i was scared about going up to 500 again or that something would happen to my kidneys. sometimes i feel like a cry baby. i will sometimes cry over a bg i have had alot.

You will get better with time. Like acidrock said, pizza is a huge challenge to dose for.

The best thing about what I have read so far is that you really do care about managing your blood sugar. That’s GREAT! It’s all to easy to just throw your hands up and ignore it. It’s a really good thing that you are making the best attempts that you can. Don’t worry about the kidney stuff, if you keep having good control of your BG the kidney stuff will be a long time off. Your A1C proves that you are really working to keep everything in check. Keep up the good work and keep posting on here, it’s great to have people to talk to.

I did the highs and lows mixed up for years and finally stabilized it with a pump? If you already have one of those, perhaps it needs to be adjusted? I still attack any highs (although for me, that’s like 140 b/c I am a psycho…) with CB and run low and it sounds like you might be doing that. Perhaps if you can get a handle on the dosing it will smooth things out and you can then take things to the next level? Have you and your parents talked about doing anything to fix that or are you planning to get with your doctor to do that? I don’t exactly recall how old you are and I’m sure my own 12 year old would tell me to “shut UP!” if I suggested that she read a book like “Think Like a Pancreas” but if you haven’t, it might be a good place for you to start? I think it’s less than $20, probably free at the library and would sort of give you some foundation to suggest changes yourself? I also strongly recommend being very careful doing stuff like that. One thing that I learned was that changing some of the basal numbers by very small amounts, like .05U/hour will send my BG up or down pretty markedly and if you are having swings you don’t want to be crashing out any more as it would likely be more unpleasant? I’m sorry you feel bad though and hope that you can focus on being tough rather than feeling like a big cry baby! I like being tough myself. It is a lot more fun that feeling like the Sta-Puff marshmallow man I was turning into for a few years.

Hey, I found this for you online. Pretty much all of the major restaurants have their menus with nutritional information online. So next time you go out to a party there is hope for your BG. Remember to look at the size of the pizza, the amount of carbs change between slices of a medium vs a large, ect… Pizza Hut and Dominos seem to the most common. Good luck!

HI Anna,

I haven’t read all the replies but the chips might have been the major factor in the spike, potato behaves like a sugar, it spikes really really quickly. The pizza may not have helped but it’s most likely the potato which is to blame. the bread in pasta is not so bad. Blood sugars are sadly often a mystery, there are so many factors at play so you hadn’t done anything wrong… stress, food, illness and the amount of insulin all factor in a result, so don’t freak out just be careful, not eating the cake is a good option, also ice cream is actually quite slow acting as long as it is plain , like vanilla. So you could have had a bit of that if your blood sugars weren’t so high. Good on you for testing before hand. Well done. And don’t worry too much you’re doing the right things.

Ha yeah, i think we all have had days like that. One day i went high, not as high as you went, and i could not get my self down. It sucks, but i get past it. I didn’t relise how big a deal pizza was until i came here. Of course i eat pizza A LOT, but there are still days where after a personal pizza at lunch i find myself high. Most of those day i think it’s because im sitting n my butt playing video games. Darn zelda games…