Sometimes I really want a giant peice of cake! Not a little one, no I want the whole flipping cake! I want to eat like a normal person! I want to not be tired or sick! I want to go to the pizza resturant with my friends! I want to be normal. Life as a diabedic sucks! I work hard to eat right and exercise, but it never changes. I guess I’m just venting.

trust me. i feel like this sometimes, too! when i give in, i feel so bad afterward (if i’m high) but it was sooooo good when i ate it! you’re right. diabetes does suck, but i am thankful we have tools we have to control it! vent all you want, we are always here to listen =)

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hear you. I wish I could tell you, EAT IT JUST EAT IT. But at least you know better. I haven’t had cake in years and pizza is a disaster for me the day after. So I know it just doesn’t benefit me, the Diabetic me.

Jim best of luck my friend, I wish cool whip frosting was better :slight_smile:


I have been diabetic for 34 years this year. I recall what my doctor told me when I first got it. He said eat whatever you want, party like there is no tomorrow. You will be sick as a dog, and eventually you will get tired of being sick and tired. When you get tired of being sick and tired, then you will take care of yourself. I have been seriously sick and tired, the doc was right, I got sick of it, so I changed.


boy do I understand your frustration! I am not on meds at all… so it has to be diet and exercise. I had 1 small piece of pizza the other day along with a Huge salad. I didn’t even eat all the crust and noticed my glucose readings were nudging the 200 mark 1 hour after eating it… thankfully 2 hours later it was down to 160. So now I’m on a quest to find a pizza alternative. LOL

Cake I never liked much.



The bird bird bird
Bird is the word

I feel your pain today at work they did d a fish fry and had 2 big pies in honor of Pi day www.piday.org and I had to fight my instinct to have a slice and of course the guy next to me had the biggest slice you could imagine AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I love the whole wheat pizza dough from California pizza kitchen… Also most of st louis pizza is thin crust so I can have it once in a while but…I feel the pain. It took a while but some foods shoot me sky high. Indian food sends me into the 300’s others not so bad. We all need to vent sometimes we are all here to listen.

Vent away brother…vent away.

Yes, sometimes I want to eat a whole cake myself!
Today however, I need to rant!
As a Type 1.5 on oral meds, it is crucial for me to eat right as I would like to stay on oral meds as long as possible.
I read all this stuff about vegan diets, vegetarian, etc. etc. Have tried them all including raw and in the great white north, getting good raw veggies in the winter that are decent is either very expensive or they taste like crap. Did the raw vegan thing at a health center and lost 7 pounds in one week, mind you I am one of those that doesn't need to loose...Went down to 96 pounds and knew it was even too low for me. People thought I was dying..Go to a nutritionist who insists I must eat more carbs, beans, quinoa, etc. Every time I eat these foods my numbers go up! So does the A1C and when you are looking at eating more vegetarian or vegan then one of the staples is carbs!!! She wants me to eat 130 carbs per day. Well, I haven't done that since 2008, I stick to under 60 per day.
Much information out there with vegan and vegetarianism that says you can reverse diabetes with their diet. Well, at this point, give me a personal chef with an unlimited amount of $$ to purchase food and monitor my diet, A1C, etc and see what works!
Most of the time, we need to figure it out ourselves because it isn't one size fits all. I also hate it when I go into a coffee shop dying for a macchiato knowing full well it is full or sugar and carbs. Since there are so many diabetics in this country you think they might have a few drinks we could have but no! Just plain old coffee!
SO, I do low-carb which my nutritionist doesn't agree with but my A1C is 5.2. Yes, I would prefer not to eat so much chicken, fish etc but what is the alternative. I can only eat some much Tofu which does not agree with my digestive system and get tired of tempeh all the time...
My endo is ok with the low-carb. Of course I have also been blessed with hereditary
high cholesterol and no matter what I eat or how much exercise I do (every day, most times twice a day) my cholesterol will NOT go down by itself. I hate taking statins,
I hate taking meds. I am just plan frustrated with everything right now. I am tired of taking my numbers, tried of cooking my own food--no one cooks for me. Since 2008 I cook all my meals. When my daughter is in town she makes me a most delicious meal that I can eat. She gets it. Augh. Sorry to go on but some days it just gets to be too much. One more comment, I go to visit my sister in law and she says to me, I got all this food you can eat, gluten free. I said "What?" Cereals, breads, etc. etc. So glad I brought my own food which I do everywhere... Augh.
enough. Off to teach Pilates. It is a great workout and I teach 6 classes a week plus 3 yoga, a run or hike and bike when its warm.
Kudo's to all of you with this disease, and I will post a low carb choc cake you make in the microwave. Its really good and low carb!

Spirit7 - It's frustrating, isn't it? Especially when there are other dietary issues to deal with. (I'm a vegetarian with a bunch of food allergies.) Have you tried making seitan yet? Buying it in the store is expensive, but making it from vital wheat gluten is reasonably-priced and pretty easy. And it freezes well if you make a bigger batch. I had shied away from it for years, assuming that it would be high-carb due to the wheat origin, but it's not - it's quite high in protein and low in carbs. And last night I served my family their veggie stew with rice but ate mine with a few tablespoons of hemp seeds to bulk it up and get more protein.
You may need to vent, but you're doing great - your A1C is fantastic! That being said, don't freak out about the insulin once you eventually get to the point that you truly need it. I fought the idea longer than I should have (am also a 1.5) but it was amazing to see how much it helped keep numbers in control. (No more exercising 3x/day or more just to bring numbers back down.) But for now, enjoy the fact that what you're doing is working so well for you. And even if you can't have a sundae, there can still be a tablespoon of whipped cream calling your name.....

It's not exactly a sin and sometimes we need to reward ourselves.

i know, i know, i know!! there is always some special to be eaten: ice-cream in the summer, candy canes, xmas cookies, girl scout cookies, hot chocolate with churros in the winter, i live in spain and during holy week they have these big pieces of bread dipped in milk and honey and they are just AWESOME. pizza just all the time...
i hate seeing people walking down the street eating without thinking. the other day i was in a shop and a girl came in for a baguette and they didnt have the kind she wanted. the shop assistant was like, how bout this one? and the girl said....wait for it... no, i dont LIKE THAT KIND! i was like,omg you dont know how lucky you are!! what do you mean you dont like that kind?! get it down your piehole!! (only in my head, but i was screaming in my head).

Don't know if you'll see this as it's an older post, but I'm newly diabetic and your post made a lot of sense to me.

I've finally - after being diagnosed a year ago and trying to self-treat without meds (exercise, veggies, lower carbs) - realized that I need to take meds to protect my organs.

Best line: "...You will be sick as a dog, and eventually you will get tired of being sick and tired..."

I'm there now! Thanks for the post.

Thank you for posting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm new, and have been fighting it (taking meds) for a year since diagnosed. I'm sitting here right now drinking a peach iced tea because I'M SICK OF WATER!!!!!

My goal now is figuring out what the heck to eat each day. Low carb. High protein. Protein bad. Carbs bad. A bit overwhelmed but I know it will start to make sense; this is only really my 2nd day or so on the site so the one thing I've learned from the great people on tuD is that everyone is different.

"Eat to my meter" - that's my plan. I know that I can have a (very!) little of everything, but some things just may not be worth the sick feeling or the change to my numbers.

Anywho, it was great reading yoru post and seeing some of my OWN thoughts. Thanks a ton!

1. Funniest screen name ever!
2. ROFL@"Piehole" -- get it? ROFLROFLROFL
3. bread, milk, honey --- think I need to move to Spain!

Anybody heard of just having one bite.

After the first mouthful, the satisfaction level diminishes.

One bite...that's not satisfaction...a stuffed belly and the sleepy feeling of carb over load...that's the "feel goooood" moment...one bite that just wont cut it.

One of the most brilliant moments in Season 1 of Community: John Michael Higgins doing the Dead Poets Society parody, "I SHALL HAVE A BIRTHDAY CAKE!": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-s2tLbqlOc

As Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development, it was almost as funny when he pronounced "I SHALL HIDE BEHIND THIS COUCH!"

I wish someone could tell me what was so worthy about this post that it had to be revived from 2009??!!

+1 that