Stupid pharmacy

so this actually happened yesterday but I didn't have the time to post about it yet so here goes.

day before yesterday I called in to get my new box of syringes because I was down to my last baggie of 10. I use 4 a day. I have to wait until a certain time because my insurance will only cover it after a certain date (like after 1 month) when I called in they told me I had no more refills on it. I looked on my pres. and yep it said zero refills. she said she would call my Dr to have her ok the refill. cool. so I've been busy the last few days but when I got a chance I called my Dr to double check that they oked the pres. well the nurse said they didn't get anything from Carrs pharmacy but she would contact them and make sure it was filled. an hr or so later the nurse called back to double check what size syringes I use. ok so I planned it so I had just enough syringes for yesterday. I would need to pick up my pres by lunch time. so I go over to the Aurora Carrs and they say they dont have anything for me. they say there is no refills. I explain what happened the day before and that they should have gotten a fax from my Dr's office. she pharmacist says she will take care of it and will fax my dr. when they get something back from them they can fill it. it should be a few minis. ok. I'll wait I said. I told her needed them for lunch. so K is sitting in the grocery cart being a good girl smiling at people and drinking her sippy. K starts asking for "NAM" (food) the pharmacists comes over to me and says they got the fax back and they just have to type it up and get it filled. she says it''l be about 30 minis. ok I smile. (I was in a pretty good mood. my antibiotics seemed to be working on my sore throat but I still wasn't A-OK yet.) K starts screaming and crying for NAM. I tell the pharmacist I'm going to get K food and that I'll be back. K asked for some fruit from the salad bar and come cheetoes. I got myself a turkey wrap I planned on eating when I got home. we walked around and killed time then paid for our food. I got back to the pharmacy and sit. K decides she doesn't like the fruit and still wants something other than her empty bag of cheetoes. I finally get way too hungry and eat half my wrap with no insulin! k starts screaming. doug had gotten off work early but I didn't drop K off so he could have some down time alone. (I should have dropped her off before I went in to the pharmacy) I call doug and tell him I've been there for over and hr and a half. I tell him everything that is happening. doug is tired and was sleeping. (blah blah blah he's tired, he works to long blah blah blah) I hang up on him since he isn't being helpful or comforting in anyway. a lday calls me "Mrs. Brown" which make me feels WAY to old. "we don't seem to have the syringe size you need. we'll have them tomorrow morning. do you need a loan?" I tell her I have no more syringes. I need to have lunch and I need to take my insulin. I'm sick which makes my sugar run high as it is. I already had to eat half a wrap with no insulin which means in about an hr I'm gonna feel like crap. she walks away to find a 'loan' enough syringes to get me through until tomorrow. I'm in tears at this point. its been over and hr and a half and K is screaming tired of sitting in the grocery cart. I call my DR's office and tell them what is happening and ask them to change my pres over to the Walmart pharmacy. (mini note: I hear from a DR at my DRs office that Carrs is really bad about getting your pres on time becasue the wait until you show up to actually fill it. they type everything up but dont dispense until you get there because they have to assume you wont show. if they fill it and you dont P/U they loose money. walmart and costco are way better. carrs also charges you more than these other places.) she asks "what is going on over there?! what do you mean its not done yet?!" I tell her I've been there almost 2 hrs and they now just told me they dont have any. still in tears. K still screaming. she transfers it and tells me she is so sorry. she said its not right, you are trying to take care of yourself and these people dont have what you need. she was kinda ticked for me. as I'm about to leave to drive to walrmart and stand in line again. the pharmacist shows up with a whole damn box of 100 syringes. he asks me what happened. I calmly (surprisingly calm) explain again. he tells me he is sorry. I pay $20 for the box and he tells me that if I ever need any they sell them and dont actually need a pres. they retail for GET THIS $26!!!! I'm saving $6 thats it!! (ok so sometimes my insurance covers more and its only $10 for the same box) I'm so tired and emotionally drained at this point. I drive home and doug finally hugs me and I start crying again. I tell him I really dont need to go through this ■■■■ everytime I need a pres. I need to get ahold of my insurance to get my pres mail ordered through Medco. this is reFUCKINGdiculas!!!

other than that I feel better this morning. oh BTW when I got home I check my BS and I got 144 no insulin and no food for over 4 hrs except for that half a wrap. so it wasnt bad but I'm sure it went up and then back down.

I got a call back yesterday from Mindy. she said I can bump my humalog 1-2 units per meal. and if I check after 2 hrs and its over 200 to take an extra unit afterwards too. she said my numbers arent bad at all. (I'm stuuborn I want them to be what they normally are.)