Sudden Frequent Hypoglycemia

I am on the Tandem pump and using DEXCOM G6. We have had a really stressful three months while preparing to move to a different state and sell our house. Something is playing havoc with my BG. Over the past several days I have had multiple episodes of hypoglycemia. We are in a temporary apartment while deciding where we want to be. We are trying to unpack, downsize as we do, and determine what to keep out and what to store for now. Our buyer backed out and that added to the chaos.

I have several profiles and have made some adjustments to my basal, I:C ratio, etc. I just can’t seem to get it right and going from low to high and back again, repeatedly in the same day is not something I have ever experienced. Normally; my BG is pretty stable.

For now I would like to use a temporary lower basal rate, but know I have to turn off Control IQ and am not sure how that works. I can’t find my Pumping Insulin Book and am at a loss for what to do.

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am struggling with low BG again. I feel absolutely awful, do not have an Endo here, and am looking for suggestions. I know my activity level is burning up sugar and that is wearing me down.

Any suggestions for how to do manual control until things settle down will be appreciated.

To switch to manual on the X2
My Pump
Control IQ Toggle

A workaround for a temporary basal: You copy an existing Profile and redefine the basals that you wish to use temporarily. Then switch back and forth to that Profile whenever you want to use a temporary basal.


What a great idea.

Thanks so much

Don’t know if you could be honeymooning or if you have lost weight recently it has happened to me.
Also stress can make your sugars go crazy.
Hopefully when things settle down do will your sugars.

This is one we use whenever I do a clinical trial. That way my current profile is there and than we just copy it and make changes based on whatever the drug might do to basal, carb ratios. Super great idea and I think under used when trying new profiles.