Sudden Weight Gain?


I am a 21 year old LADA diabetic for almost two years now, and I am still so confused and lost on how to treat myself. I fear that I might be approaching burnout, because of all of the complications I have with diabetes (not to even bring up issues with access to insurance and medical bills). Recently, I gained 20 pounds in the past three months, and I did not change anything in my diet!! Now I don’t want to eat or take insulin at all. I got my thyroid tested with standard results, and now I have no other ideas. What to do??

Hi @Alyssa10 It’s pretty common to gain weight with diabetes unless you are too high all the time. Have you been treating a lot of lows? Those calories can really add up without you realizing it even though they are necessary. Do you mind giving us a little more info. How long have you been on insulin and when did you start meal time insulin? Do you have a CGM and if you do could you show us a couple of graphs? Any recent changes in your A1C’s? Have you had a change in school or job that means you are sitting more than you normally do? Even standing burns calories so it might not even be a difference in “exercise” that could be doing it.

Stopping your insulin doses can and most likely will lead to DKA and believe me you don’t want to go there. Talk about medical bills yeesh! Try to focus on keeping your BG’s in line and keeping notes especially when you are struggling can be really helpful. Stressors, BG’s, dosages, exercise, diet are all good things to keep note of to see if there is a pattern.

Also have you been tested for celiac disease? Many people are asymptomatic and the symptoms that they do get can be far ranging including weight gain. Although classic celiac is most often weight loss and stomach problems.

I, personally, fluctuate 20 lbs over the course of the year. I think its mostly due to changes in activity level due to the seasons. I wouldn’t make too much out of 20 lbs. But, its worth keeping an eye on it, since this sounds kinda unusual for you. We can trouble shoot stuff, but whatever you do, DO NOT STOP taking the insulin. There are likely other factors at play with any big lifestyle change like this. Hang in there, Alyssa10.

If you run out of money, you can always get the old fashioned insulin at Walmart for $30 per vial - R (short acting) and N (long acting). These are negotiated prices that walmart has set with the manufactures. No prescription is required to buy these.

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This has happened to me. The first time I was taking Avandia ( long time ago)
Gained 20 pd. Second time, I was on insulin and metformin I was running very high sugars in the 300-400 Then decided to get serious about taking care of my self. I gained about 12pd with better eating in about 2 weeks ( Called my doctor as to why very upset) Higher blood sugars cause weight loss in some ( not sure why) then when you are more in control you will initially gain weight. It will stop. But this usually happens when I am not eating well and then do better. Write down everything you eat. Write down your insulin dosage. Monitor fat
like peanuts little carbs but lots of fat calories.
Try to get Obamacare ( Affordable Care Act) It is open enrollment now. Just to let you know with Obamacare your insulin may be costly(256 - 100.00 (Novolog manufacture coupon)) at first but will go to 0. after deductible is met. It depends on the plan. Or tell your doctor to that you want to sign up for the free Insulin through the manufacture’s program. Read about it on the website. Or Medicaid, if eligible.

Diabetes is a b***h. But do not give up. Not taking insulin will not help. It may make things worse. Post questions on this site. Very bright, long term and new diabetics here. Many may have been where you are.