Suffering from LADA on 45-15-20 units of insulin at 36 year

Hi Guys,
I am suffering from LADA from from last 5 years.
Now on insulin from last 3 years.
I feel i am on too much insulin
I take Huminsulin N and R, 3 times a day at 45-15-20, in total 80 units a day. My weight is normal at 76 Kgs

I saw many people in the forums are going good with 10~20 units.

2 years ago, i have check C-Peptide, which is measure of how much insulin is produced by my pancreas, and the value was Negligible.

This probably means, i am already Type 1.

Can that be a reason of so high units of Insulin and Neuropathic pain in my legs..

Guys, i am suffering..

Some sources suggest starting with Total Daily Dose (TDD) of insulin based on 0.5 units/kg of bodyweight. This would put you at a TDD of 40 units. But once you are out of the honeymoon your TDD will rise, this source suggests 0.5-1.2 U/kg which in your case suggests a dosing of between 40 and 110 units. Your dosing of 80 units is not out of the ordinary.

And a key factor in all this is how much carbohydrate you are eating. If you are eating few carbs and that 80 units is mostly basal than that might be a bit high. And a key question is how well your blood sugar is controlled. If your blood sugar is high, that in itself will cause insulin resistance and result in higher insulin use.

I remember my honeymoon period was over 2 years ago.
I generally take few carbs.
Huminsulin R & huminsulin N
Breakfast - 25 R & 20N
Lunch - 10R
Dinner - 15R & 10N

My last HBA1C 6 months ago was 7.7 with this regimen.
I should check more frequently.

If i need more tighter control, what should i do?
Should i shift to Lantus as long acting insulin, instead of Huminsulin N.

Atul, the amount of insulin you "need" is decided by your BG and diet for the most part. How you react to food and insulin is something that ONLY YOU can determine. For me, I have found that eating and being as active as I can (which is not too active at all) so that I cann use the very least amount of insulin each meal/day works the best. I check my BG then decide what to eat and IF I want or need any insulin for that meal. Normally I try to select foods that will allow mw to eat without taking any insulin. That is to say, if my BG is in my chosen range of 70 to 100 I will haave some meat and cheese with some green veggie and take no insulin. I only use my meal time insulin if my BG is higher than I want or if I plan to eat something that rquires insulin. It took me a couple years of experimenting to understand how this works for me. Doing this I rarely get lows and rarely go over about 140 BG. My last A1c was 5.2 and has not been over 5.7 since I started doing this. I am very strict with my diet but I do treat myself to things I love when I can fit them in safely. I guess I have learned to look at food as a medicine of sorts and try to use it appropriately.

We cannot give you guidance on your insulin dosage - it varies widely from person to person, and even from year to year for the same person! You absolutely need to see an endocrinologist (gland/hormone doc) every few months, not just a general practitioner. If you can't get in right away, try to get in with a Certified Diabetes Educator who can look at your numbers and get you going in the right direction.

The reply by Angivan is so right!!! We can not help you with dosage - only a CDE or endo should do this. Your endo is the one to whom you should talk as soon as possible. The endo or CDE will also advise on number of carbs you should be getting at each meal and may send you to a nutritionist.

Good Luck.