Sugar Baby comic

I recently had the pleasure of meeting fellow TuDiabetes member and comic extraordinaire, Nomi Kane, in person. Nomi creates comics on a variety of topics, and she gave me her book Sugar Baby to take a look at. Sugar Baby is about a young girl with type 1 diabetes and her everyday experiences, both those specifically diabetes-related, and others which are not.

I really enjoyed it! I must admit that I don't know much about comics, but I think Nomi's drawing style is playful yet expressive, and the stories she depicts in this book can speak to a lot of people with diabetes. There are things about experiences in doctors' offices, fear of needles, and taking care of blood sugars in public, etc. and also stories about family, about being Jewish, sibling relationships, being an angry teen and other universal experiences.

Check out Nomi's work!

She has a couple different comic books for sale that specifically deal with diabetes (and several more that do not), and could be of particular interest to young teens with diabetes looking for a reflection of their experiences and feelings.