Diabetes fiction

Kerri over at Six Until Me just posted about Stacey in the Baby-Sitters Club books. It got me thinking about one of my favorite books when I was a kid. It was called “Sugar Isn’t Everything” and was about a twelve-year-old girl named Amy who had type 1. I loved this book when I was a kid, and my copy is now missing its cover and bent out of shape. What fiction books have you read that made you think, “They really got it right”?

I had one called “Don’t Call Me Sugar Baby” in junior high. I don’t remember too much about it though, I’m type 2 so it wasn’t a big deal to me to read about a diabetic back then.

I’d love to see some non-juvenile fiction about diabetics, the only one I’ve read is Susan Sizemore’s “Primal Heat” - a vampire romance novel with a diabetic as the heroine.

This one isn’t fiction…“Metal Jam the story of a diabetic”, by Teresa McLean is based on her experiences as a type 1…an INCREDIBLE journey, and very much a “must read”. ISBN 0-340-34744-9