Suggestions, please--not Thanksgiving related

I have been waking up at 94 to 114, testing about 8 am. By 10 I am 172-today I was so busy, no breakfast, no correction at the 172 test. At 11:30, did a meter check and was 296. Did an injection. Not sick. Been happening about 5 days now, but today was the highest reading.

Now down to 150. Have taken 4.4 (daily basal has been happy at around 8.5 for weeks)correction units today and still struggling to get below 150.

Have upped my morning basal over the last few days, but I am bolusing corrections 3-4 units per day. So raising the basal from 8.55 to 9.25 without an improvement seems useless, but is scary. Going to be more aggressive the next few thing--will have a 24/7 partner on guard.

Hungry as HE double hockey sticks right now. Thoughts?

could you have some low grade infection?
what a pain in the A double snakes! ;) hope you get it cleared up soon!

Could it be the advent of Dawn Phenomenon - or the increase of such if you already have it? I never have had DP and then all of a sudden I had symptoms like that. I hiked up my basals (can't remember how much but it felt like a lot. It continued for a week or two then disappeared. People all chimed in that DP can come and go. Or it might have been an infection I fought off. I rarely get sick but I would think fighting something could also do a temporary spike in BG.

I would keep on gradually raising your basals. Do you know what is going on at night. It does usually start overnight, but not always. Was your late morning reading that high the days you did eat breakfast? If not, that also points to DP which worsens till you eat.

Speaking of! If your IOB suggests it, add a correction to your meal bolus and eat.

You're on the right track and I hope you don't let it interfere with your Thanksgiving. Happy happy despite it all!

The same scenario happened to me last week. I finally upped my basal from .90 to 100 and my night time from .95 to 1.05 and sure enough after 1 day I was doing much better. About a month ago I had the opposite issue of bad lows for about a week. I lowered my basals & the lows slowly went away.I had to increase my basals back to normal after about week. I think my issue could be hormonal because I'm at the age where menopause could happen anytime. When I had the week of bad lows I thought it could be due to illness but usually that would cause most people to go high unless it's a stomach bug maybe. All I know is that it's really frustrating and I wish you luck.

I'm with Zoe - change in DP. Start increasing your basal around 6-7 am?

Over the last 5 days? Have you changed to a new insulin vial?

Are you having any infusion site issues? I recently have been having a problem with scar tissue despite a pretty aggressive rotation scheme. For me, I am also starting to change every two days instead of three.

You might want to try an intramuscular shot to bring down those +250 high glucose readings.

I did an injection at 295. Site has been working perfectly, but it is about to be changed out, waiting for the insulin to warm first. When in doubt.

I have made major changes. I am aware of DP and the changes it brings, especially , for me, when the weather changes. It was 70 here Monday and then snowed today. What I worry about is everything crashing when things settle out.

It will happen. I know.

All I want to say to you, my friend, is don't lose perspective. Test more often so if you crash you can catch it. As for tomorrow: GO! Don't ruin your time spent with family/friends because of the damn D gremlin - else it wins. You can test more, revise your plans of what to eat, etc. But bottom line (and I totally forget this too ALL THE TIME) is what harm if you are high for a couple days or part of a couple days? Not nearly as much harm as the worry and stress and loss of moments with loved ones. Not by a long shot.

Thanks, Zoe. I hate to put a crook in the celebrations, which will happen if I cannot eat. I also find it very stressful, raising BG, to watch other people eat when I am hungry. Just down in the dump-a-roos tonight.

so true!

My suggestion is that you should continue to eat and Bolus in relation to your food intake and cover as appropriate. While this seems counter intuitive, not eating, actually is a further signal to your liver to release more glucose. The more it releases the higher your BS will go, unless it is corrected.

So take in protein at the very least. This will tend to better signal the liver that you are not starving and please stop releasing glucose. Think of your liver as the second part of your glucose control. The liver is what causes DP.

I wish you good fortune.


I don't skip breakfast as I find that if I do, the DP will keep rolling and turn into midmorning phenomenon, lunch phenomenon, etc. If my BG is high, I'll have eggs and bolus for like 7U (a couple of carbs and 10G of protein or whatever correction the pump wants to toss on it...) and kind of let it ride and it seems to get it, or perhaps I should say "me" working ok without blowing up my BG. I'm glad that you have somebody to keep an eye on you. My Thanksgiving cheat is to overbolus as the intangibles always seem to add up to more than I guess. If it comes down towards the end, I will hit it with some apple pie!