Summer ice cream and carb intake

Summer is here! Yes,Iam happy about that. I count my carbs ,but then am offered an ice cream cone or chips. Sometimes I can’t say no. My last A1c was 7.3. I feel like I sabotage myself. I take my meds,test,exercise but seem to add 20 or so carbs a day. Any suggestions of bow to get my mînd back into better control.Nancy

I've learned to say no when offered food I can't eat, like ice cream or chips. I really wish there were more sugar free options for ice cream where I live...but there aren't.

You might want to try telling all the people in your network that you don't eat those things and ask them nicely not to offer it to you. Not only would this prevent people from offering but since they would then all know that you don't eat those things it would be hard to eat them in front of others. There is something called intention. People are sometimes skeptical when I say that if I really decide to do something (or not do something as the case may be) I will always, always, do it. But that isn't a casual statement. It's getting to that point of truly intending to do something that can be hard. If you really want to eliminate certain foods from your diet, you need to eliminate the escape clauses. It can't be, "I won't eat this food but if someone at work offers it I can't say no", etc. It leaves too much wiggle room.

Hi Nancy:

I follow a pretty strict low-carb diet but also allow the occasional indulgences in order not to create "taboo foods" and an overwhelming craving for them. Ice cream is one of them. I have found that I can bolus quite accurately as long as it is full-cream, premium ice cream like Haagen Dazs, Ben and Jerry's or similar with a simple flavor like vanilla, strawberry, etc (i.e., no toffee swirls, caramel, chocolate chips, etc.). With a food scale, I measure out a 100g portion which has 21g of carbs. If I pre-bolus 15 mins before I start eating, I can keep my BG almost completely flat.

Soft-serve and cheaper grocery store brands metabolize much quicker and result in huge blood sugar spikes for me, so I completely avoid them.

Just an option to consider if you find going "cold-turkey" impossible. Hope this helps. Good luck!