Do you ever...?

…have a day, or even a meal ‘off’ from diabetes.

I was just at chick-fil-a and decided it was time for my one milkshake per year. Add in the meal and I just bolused for 160g carbs. YUM, so worth it!

Yes. & I pay for it. But at the time, I have the same thought as you…“OMG this is sooooo worth it” LOL! An hour later when I spike unGodly high and 3 hours later when I tank, I’m thinking “NOT worth it…Never doing that AGAIN!” ;] But…I do.

I’m not going to check my bg for 3 hours. I don’t want to see the spike.

Er…no, never - because if I want something carby I just have a really small portion of it, small enough that I don’t have to worry about it spiking me. E.g. my standard donut serving size is one quarter of a plain donut. That’s 5.5g carb, it does not spike me, and I eat it slowly and enjoy every mouthful. That means I can eat donuts anytime I want, because 5.5g carb is really no big deal.

Uhm…Yes and like Jeska I wind up paying for it later but sometimes it seems so worth it at the time. LOL!

I’ve only done it once; I usually prefer to have small treats often rather than to feel deprived and then throw caution to the wind. Just because the wind is blowing AT you and whatever you throw at it comes back and hits you in the face. :slight_smile:

Yes, since we are all human, me included. My weakness is ice cream, I could eat it every day, of course, I don’t. I don’t mean the sugar-free, fat free low carb stuff that they try to pass as ice cream for people who shouldn’t eat it. I eat the real stuff. I do bolus for it before I eat, but usually I have a small spike later which I correct. I don’t eat hot fudge sundaes or anything like that, just a bowl of mint chocolate chip ( my fav) with some dry walnuts on it. Yummy !!!

Strangely enough, I can eat ice-cream and it seems to digest at the exact same rate as my insulin is metabolized. It’s like my perfect food!

I usually have smaller portions. I never forego dessert - I love it when restaurants do the mini portions! These shakes are upwards of 100g carbs though, so they are an extra-special treat. I think I’ve had 3 shakes including this one since my diagnosis in January 2008.

Over 25 years of diabetes and I’m still exploring my limits. I can safely say that an entire milkshake and fast food meal is way past my limit. I’ve topped off at an In n Out cheeseburger and half an order of animal fries. I still pay for it sometimes.

me too – ice cream isn’t a problem for me. Hooray!

We are so blessed kestrel!

I LOVE a banana split! My bs’s don’t though! LOL!

Good call hahaha!!!

I’ve never done it - I’m way too cognitively rigid - but you have my admiration and I’m so glad it was good enough to be worth it.


I rock. 91.

Maybe I can do that more often :wink:

One of the things that annoyed me the most about being diagnosed with diabetes was the limits placed on my diet. It may have had something to do with the fact I was 13 and the genius dietitian put me on a low fat, low salt, low sugar, 1500 calorie a day diet, even though I was a good 15-20 lbs underweight (I guess that’s just what they did in 1980). At first I couldn’t stray to far food-wise, but once I started MDI (and Humalog) a few years later, I took FULL advantage of my new found freedom. And pumping has been even better! At this point the only reason to avoid those foods is because of the calories and subsequent weight gain, the spikes are temporary (and somewhat normal).

I’m partial to saying “Damn the Torpedos” and launching myself at big food. I go lower carb most of the day and then splurge @ night. So far so good…

Happy for no after-effects. I wouldn’t know where to begin to bolus for 100-160 carbs, so I don’t. I use the super small portion method, or just a taste.

Yes we do, my son is 15, year and half ago was diagnoses, so carefree enjoyment of treats is still fresh in his memory. We only have a few items on the forbidden list (unless low). Juice, reg. soda, large portions of crappy sweets etc. We shoot for smaller portions most of the time too, but frequently test the limits to see how he does on certain foods. We have a CGM so that makes it easier to identify those foods he doesn’t do good on and head off spikes if numbers are going up that way. Though easier said, last weekend his little brother had a T-Ball party at a crappy pizza parlor. T1 son had 3 small slices I thought I covered the carbs and TAGed it as well, and after not seeing the 200s or even the high 100s for weeks, that day he climbed to 300! And stayed! Hours of small corrections didn’t get it down. Finally after eating dinner in the high 100s he came plummeting down but we caught it and leveled it out before bed. That excursion was not worth it. We share shakes, make all-fruit/whey protein smoothies, cookies, homemade thin crust pizza, all kinds of pasta and bread in 20 - 40 carb range and seem to do OK with them when their balanced with other food. Haven’t ever bolused 160 before but maybe should have for that pizza! LOL! Awesome you got it down so quick! And yummy too!